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Characteristics of good law firms in New Mexico Divorce Mediation

  • Presence of Court selected mediators- The Courts are aware of the abilities of mediators in offering guidance to people by means of mediation to reach settlement agreements. So, for Court ordered settlement mediation, they select certain law firms
  • Shuttle mediation ability- The venue of mediation should comprise of separate conference rooms in which the parties would be seated and the mediator is required to shuttle between them. Due to this arrangement, the parties are not required to relocate. Also, the divorcing party and the mediator can have private talk and there is no need for the parties to see each other
  • Quick production of documents- In certain law firms, the mediator drafts the agreement on site quickly after the mediation. Due to this, the parties need not wait for a long time and consequently their stress and length of a divorce can decrease
  • Advanced training- Certain law firms offer advanced training in mediation and settlement facilitation. These mediators are known for their robust skills and attention to detail

Attributes of good mediators in New Mexico Divorce Mediation

  • Respects the sacredness of family
  • Tries hard to retain a good working relation amongst the partners after the divorce
  • Enjoys assisting people during difficult times
  • Has a passion for and enjoys New Mexico family law
  • Is treated with respect in family courts in the state
  • Strives to be the best mediator for the clients
  • Has considerable experience in all aspects of family law in this state
  • Has a high success rate

Searching for a mediator

  • Taking recommendations from family members or friends who have undergone the process of mediation
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Approaching a library where there are resources pointing to mediators
  • Taking recommendations from marriage counselors, experienced divorce lawyers or other lawyers
  • Visiting the Academy of Family Mediators
  • Taking a referral from the Family Law Court in your area of residence

Job of a mediator

The mediator meets the divorcing couples and assists them to communicate with each other. Sometimes the mediator meets each member of the divorcing couple separately and performs the role of a go-between. While the talk is in progress, the mediator must take care to assume a neutral stand. No legal advice must be given by a mediator. The mediator must not favor one party's desires or preferences. When the divorcing partners are discussing an issue, the mediator has to make suggestions regarding whether a compromise would be practicable.

Steps in mediation

  • Introductory stage during which the mediator is supposed explain the process of mediation to the divorcing partners
  • The issues that need to be resolved are identified. For example, who would have the custody of the children or which property is to be separated
  • The divorcing parties openly and frankly discuss and negotiate the issues that have been identified
  • An initial agreement is reached
  • A final agreement is drafted and approved

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