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Proposing North Carolina Divorce Mediation to your partner

While proposing mediation to your spouse, the following points must be kept in mind-

  • Maintain patience
  • Permit the partner to perform mediator research
  • Recognize the concerns and feelings of the partner. Intimate your partner that you are ready to consider her or his ideas regarding which mediator to hire and when to execute the mediation. Assure your partner that you are not adamant regarding these two issues
  • Remember that you are going to negotiate. So, arrange your desires and needs as per priority and be willing for give and take method. If you wish that all things should happen as you desire, you would become frustrated
  • In case of the issues which you and your partner cannot resolve, bear in mind that the mediator might have a solution. Some mediators have considerable experience in problem solving. The mediator might reveal alternatives that are fulfilling the needs of both partners
  • If any of your proposals is not accepted, do not threaten to do it. This can undo the progress made in the direction of mediation. So, wait for some time and remind the partner about the same
  • The moment when the mediation is proposed is very important. As an example, consider that the lawyers are getting nowhere in the lawsuit. Then, you can suggest your partner that both will get somewhere by a mediation
  • When one discloses the topic of divorce, a lot of trust in marital life disappears. So, when one proposes for mediation, it cannot be expected that the proposed will reply with an immediate "yes".
  • Place mediation as one of the options out of the current situation and allow the partner to perform self research
  • Do not show that you understand the process of mediation cent percent. If you show so, the partner will feel disadvantaged

Preparation for North Carolina Divorce Mediation

  • Decide some points where you can offer a concession. For example, one may be ready to give away some money for something or some other benefit for money
  • Guess what your partner would demand or must possess
  • Arrange the various issues as per priority. Do not focus on one issue only, but view the whole picture. Understand what is of most value for you
  • Digest that whether you opt for litigation or mediation, you will not get all that you want. With this firmly placed in mind, you will have an easier time comparing the alternatives
  • Find out the questions and answers of the issues that are in conflict

Approach during mediation

  • Start with reasonable ideas. If you are unreasonable, the mediation may proceed towards a deadlock
  • Avoid pondering on the past issues that would not sprout up after the divorce
  • Avoid a confrontational attitude and concentrate on the disputed issue rather than blaming someone
  • Do not consider all things as equally important
  • Allow various solutions to come in your mind and reveal and discuss these with the partner

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