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Divorce mediation is an informal meeting between the divorcing parties and the third party. The primary aim of such a session is to provide assistance to the divorcing individuals through settlement of marital issues. People opt this option either by their own or after receiving the court orders. Such programs are only possible to be implemented when both the divorcing spouses are cooperative. In most of the states in the US, this session is ordered by the court in order to avoid the settlements of issues only from the court's side. Divorce mediation in Ohio is one of the crucial parts of entire divorce procedure. Ultimately, the divorcing spouses can save a lot of their precious time by choosing this session instead of multiple court hearings.

Characteristics of Ohio Divorce Mediation

  • This is completely a voluntary procedure. The participants can leave the mediation whenever they feel citing any reason or no reason whatsoever.
  • This is a joint effort. The mediator inspires the participants to collaborate and reach an agreement that both the parties accede to all terms mentioned in the agreement.
  • Is executed in a controlled ambiance. The parties have complete control over the decisions and cannot be pressurized for any term.
  • The proceedings and materials developed cannot be produced in any court or any contested proceeding with the exception of the final signed mediated agreement. The law firm has to intimate the participants regarding any breach of confidentiality.
  • It is the duty of the mediator to possess a balanced and impartial approach and help each party equally without favoritism. The mediator has to ensure that the parties develop an agreement in an informed and voluntary manner without any intimidation or pressure.
  • It has been observed that in the mediations completed so far, the confidence and satisfaction of the parties increases after this process.
  • The divorcing parties can have their own control over all decisions made on marital issues.

What a mediator does not do in Ohio divorce mediation?

Since mediation is actually an informal process that is conducted with the help of a third party who are called mediators. These professionals are not allowed to perform some actions and these are:

  • No legal advice: The mediator is not allowed to provide any legal advice to the divorcing parties and can only provide an unbiased and fair views.
  • Taking sides: These professionals are not even expected to take the side of one specific partner while sorting all unresolved issues of divorce.
  • Issuing orders: Unlike the court, the mediators are not meant to issue any order in favor or against of the divorcing parties.
  • Making decisions: Their main goal is to provide all fair suggestions or advice to the concerned divorcing parties. Most important, these professionals cannot force the parties and hence, the ultimate decision is supposed to be taken by the spouses themselves.

Features of efficient mediators

The mediators are required to posses definite characteristics in order to justify their professional role. Some of the crucial characteristics are:

  • Resourceful
  • Respectful
  • Positive
  • Patient
  • Objective
  • Non-judgmental
  • Non-defensive
  • Neutral
  • Intelligent
  • Impartial
  • Imaginative
  • Honest
  • Flexible
  • Empathetic
  • Effective listeners
  • Confident
  • Articulate

Cost of mediation

Usually, one session of mediation is scheduled for two hours. The cost of one hour in the year 2009 was approximately USD 250. The expenses of the sessions are borne equally by each party. If you compare the cost of mediation with the legal fees of a contested divorce, it becomes obvious that a lot of money is saved if you opt for mediation.

Misconceptions regarding mediation

  • Several people are of the opinion that couples who are not sufficiently strong to handle their own case should opt for mediation. However, it is nowadays a majority of courts have mediation as their necessary requirement. Mediation is a method of including your options in the future life. In the absence of mediation, the couple has to accept the decisions of the Judge for their future life.
  • Some think that if they are certain of winning the case, then there is no need of mediation. However, in any divorce case, there is no guarantee of winning. If one desires to be certain that he or she should get the agreement which he or she and the spouse have developed, then mediation is the only solution.
  • After a couple has opted for mediation, they feel that anyway they would need a lawyer. However, this is not true. A mediator is not supposed to offer legal advice. However, the mediator can assist the divorcing couple with the Pro-Se documents and other related documents .

Divorce mediation in Ohio carries much importance as it helps the court to make justifiable decisions to the divorcing parties.

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