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Divorce is a legal process that terminates the marital relationship between two individuals. While being separated from the partner, various joint marital issues are required to be sorted out beforehand. In most of the states, it is observed that several alternative processes such as mediation helps the clients for the settlement of issues in divorce. The crucial issues such as child custody, alimony support, property division etc, are primarily taken into consideration during this session. The attorney himself or herself can be the mediator in many cases. As a result, they ultimately contribute to make a final agreement about all the decisions made on marital issues.

Training in Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

There are some mediation institutes in the state that conduct trainings during the entire year. These mediation trainings are open for all classes of people. In addition to this, if any business, agency or group makes a request for a customized training or workshop, then the trainers of these institutes arranges for the same. Some of these institutes are in existence since the late 1980s.

Mediation training is usually very interactive and comprises of small group activities and exercises, role plays, simulated situations and demonstrations. There are twenty four hour and forty hour programs that fulfill the requirements of the Oklahoma Mediation Act. You must ascertain that the Oklahoma Bar Association has approved these programs for MCLE credit.

The training sessions concentrate on the following issues:

  • Development of an individual's understanding regarding the conflict and marital issues.
  • Development of an approach for dispute resolution.
  • How to maintain neutrality (objectivity).
  • Power imbalance management.
  • Group dynamics.
  • Anger management.
  • Communication and Conflict skills.

Military Oklahoma Divorce Mediation

Military families frequently have to deal with the most cumbersome issues on the home front like divorce, separation, divorce property division and custody. If these military personnel select mediation, then the costs and stress of disputes is decreased by the services of a neutral third party. In this state, the mediation institutes intend to deliver mediation services to the Oklahoma Military Personnel and military families in a more affordable way. So for all military families, some of the mediation institutes have declared 50 % off on mediation services.

Duration of mediation

The duration of the mediation is decided by factors such as the flexibility of the parties and the complexity of the conflict. It has been observed in this state that a majority of mediation proceedings require at least two to four hours for completion. Some complex or unusually large cases are to be extended to six to eight hours (1 business day) to be finished.

Stages in mediation

First meeting:

In the first meeting, the mediator sits along with the divorcing couple to locate the issues that are to be discussed and decides the order in which these are to be considered. At the same time, these professionals also explain the definite procedure which is to be followed during the mediation process. Then, they determine what information should be gathered for the discussion. After the first meeting till the next meeting, the couple performs the following actions:

  • Collection of all relevant data and carrying out important discussions on the collected information
  • Taking opinions of expert people like accountants, appraisers, mental health specialist etc.,

Next meetings:

The foremost thing of both the divorcing parties is to enunciate all expectations and desires to be fulfilled after the separation. There are discussions amongst the divorcing couple and the mediator regarding how the requirements of both the parties can be fulfilled by means of compromise. It is the duty of the mediator to offer information regarding the court system and the usual methods in which the divorce cases are solved.

The Agreement:

After the parties agree to all terms of the agreement, this agreement is drafted in written form by the mediator. This written copy can then be reviewed by both the parties and their respective lawyers. In the end, both the spouses are required to sign the final agreement. It shows that both the parties agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned in the legal paper. However, it is not necessary that either party should make an appearance in the Court.

Divorce mediation in Oklahoma is there to eradicate the possibility of occurrence of a litigation process. Informal and neutral processes like mediation can simply resolve the issues by allowing open discussions between the divorcing individuals.

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