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Standards of practice for Vermont Divorce Mediation

A family mediator should perform the following things-

  • Enhance the practice of mediation
  • Be truthful in the solicitation and advertisement of mediation
  • Withdraw the mediation when there is a reasonable belief that continuing the mediation will not enhance the self determination of the parties
  • Acknowledge a family situation that comprises of domestic violence and adhere to the domestic abuse protocols of the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program
  • Prepare an agreement that precisely includes the work done in the mediation session and is impartial in nature
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the mediation process. Sometimes due to an agreement between the parties or by law or by the protocols of the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program, the mediator may be required or allowed to disclose the information related to the mediation
  • Plan the mediation process in such a manner that the divorcing parties have enough knowledge and information to make decisions
  • Conduct the mediation sessions impartially
  • Completely reveal and explain the basis of charges, subsidy availability, fees and compensation to the divorcing parties
  • Reveal to both parties the potential and actual disputes of interest known to the mediator
  • Define and describe the mediation process and make it easy for the parties to evaluate their willingness and capacity to mediate before the parties agree to mediate
  • Be qualified by training and education to conduct the mediation
  • Acknowledge that the principle of self determination of the parties forms the basis of the process of mediation

Training requirements for Contract mediators in Vermont Divorce Mediation

In this state, the Contract mediators should have undergone a total of 100 hours training as follows-

  • Basic mediation knowledge and skills - 28 hours, inclusive of minimum 6 hours of debriefing and role play activities
  • Advanced training - 72 hours, inclusive of -
    • Vermont divorce law and financial issues in divorce - 16 hours, inclusive of minimum 6 hours Vermont divorce / Family Law
    • Substance Abuse and Domestic Abuse - 16 hours, inclusive of minimum 8 hours domestic abuse training
    • Advanced skills mediating divorcing families - 16 hours, inclusive of minimum 4 hours debriefing activities and active role play
    • Psychology of families and particularly divorcing family dynamics - 24 hours inclusive of child development, communication skills, power imbalances, effects of divorce on children

Eligibility for Supervising Mediator for VFCMP (Vermont Family Court Mediation Program)

  • Contracted mediators or previously contracted mediators who are recommended by the Director and approved by the Court Administrator
  • Contracted mediators who have face to face divorce mediation experience for minimum 250 hours in minimum 25 separate divorce mediation cases
  • Contracted mediators who have been contracted with VFCMP for minimum 3 years
  • Contracted Mediators or Previously Contracted mediators if they have completed at least 6 hours of program approved consultation training

Dismissal of Contracted Mediator

It is mentioned on the contract signed by the Court Administrator and the Mediator that the Contracted Mediator might be dismissed from contract status without assigning any cause.

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