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Conditions in which Wyoming Divorce Mediation is advisable

  • The communication between the parties is good
  • Both parties are concerned regarding the future of their dependent children
  • Both parties accede with each other regarding the divorce

Conditions in which Wyoming Divorce Mediation is not recommended

  • One or both partners speak lies habitually with the other
  • One or both partners are adamant regarding the issue of child custody
  • There is presence of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Sometimes physical abuse has taken place
  • One of the spouse does not desire divorce

Why to choose mediation?

When a person hires a divorce lawyer for litigation, this person gets rid of some of the legal work essential to get a divorce, but initiates a costly process. It has been recorded that several divorce lawyers charge minimum 1000 USD for the initial consultation and have an hourly rate of several hundred USD. Due to litigation, the bank account balance might plummet in a short time and the person might lose the peace of mind. Also, there is no assurance that the Court will announce a result in favor of this person. In order to avoid all these undesirable happenings, one should choose mediation. Moreover, if mediation is not successful, one can restart the lawsuit.

When a person decides to choose mediation, it does not imply that all the legal work has to be done by this person. Several mediators are lawyers who can fill and file the legal documents of both the parties. The principle of mediation is agreement between both the parties. The divorcing parties get an opportunity to control the terms of the settlement agreement rather than accepting what the Court decides during litigation. As both the parties discuss and compromise regarding the issues, it is frequently observed that the result is satisfactory for both parties.

Questionnaire submitted by mediator to parties

The mediator inspires the parties to answer the following questions before attending a mediation session.

  • This is my offer to the other party
  • The attributes of my offer
  • The advantage of my offer to the other party
  • The advantage of the other party's offer to me
  • What does the other party desire?
  • What I can give to the other party?
  • What argument can I use to persuade them?
  • Will the other party accept what I can give?
  • What are the weak points of the other party in commercial bargaining power, in law and in fact?
  • What are the strong points of the other party in commercial bargaining power, in law and in fact?
  • What are my weak points in commercial bargaining power, in law and in fact?
  • What are my strong points in commercial bargaining power, in law and in fact?
  • If I negotiate with the other party on the disputed issues, what is the best possible result?
  • And what is the worst possible result?
  • If I choose lawsuit or arbitration, what is the probability of me winning?
  • And what are the fees of these two options?

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