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When you make the decision of a divorce, you must be aware of the basics of a divorce. You must take some effort to know what exactly are the grounds for a divorce, what procedures you need to go through, what documents you will require, how you will obtain the divorce decree, etc. Sometimes couples think that once the trial sessions are over and the final judgment is made, they obtain the divorce. But for a successful divorce, you must obtain a copy of the divorce decree. So you need to know what a divorce decree is and what is its importance.

A divorce decree is a formal order by the court that grants the termination of a marriage. Generally, this document covers the following topics-

  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Child custody
  • Distribution of property
  • Spousal support or Alimony

When a trial takes place in a case, the judge issues a judgment. When the divorce decree is signed and dated by the judge as well as the court clerk, the confirmation of the judgment takes place.

Process to order Divorce Decree

If any individual desires to procure a copy of a divorce decree, he/ she must approach the vital statistics office in the region, where the divorce took place. Every person feels that his/ her request must be processed with optimum speed and that he/she should receive an accurate record of the request. For this, it is essential to adhere to the following precepts-

  • The letters sent to the vital statistics office must be to the point as well as brief
  • The person should send only one or two requests simultaneously. He/she must make it a point not to include confusing details about the family
  • In the letter, all names and addresses must be printed or typed
  • The person must furnish complete data of the individual or event regarding whom the information is desired. All the names of the individual like alternate spellings, nicknames etc. must be revealed
  • The type of event and the corresponding date must be furnished completely and precisely. In some cases, the person may not know the date. Then, he/ she must indicate a span of years for which a search must be done. The person must be willing to pay separately for such a search
  • Along with the letter, the person must attach a 'Self Addressed Stamped Envelope'
  • There is limited staff in the county office. This staff is overburdened with work. So, the person approaching this office must demonstrate courtesy and have patience regarding the proceedings
  • The person must include the following points in the letter-
    • Husband's complete name (last name in capital letters)
    • Wife's complete name (maiden name in capital letters)
    • Date of request
    • Date of annulment or divorce
    • Location of divorce inclusive of state, country, city or town
    • The type of final decree
    • The relationship of the person (the person who is approaching the office) with the husband and wife
    • The intention of requesting the record
    • The name and address of the person
    • The state and driver's license number of the person
    • The signature of the person
Modification of Divorce Decree

A divorced person has the right to petition in order to appeal or alter the divorce decree in the following circumstances-

  • There is a change of circumstances
  • The terms of the divorce are unjust

The concerned person has to ask the appellate court to overturn the decision of a lower court. Such an appeal is upheld when the following is true-

  • It can be proved that some misconduct or fraud has occurred
  • There is a fundamental inequity in decree
  • The rulings do not comply with the statutes
  • There are exceptional and compelling circumstances

How to get a copy of the Divorce Decree

Generally a person can obtain a copy of your divorce decree by sending a request along with the name of your case, the fee to the court and the county where the case was filed and the file number. The cost of a plain copy is $8.00 and a certified copy is $14.00. If you want to obtain a copy of the decree in person, you must go to the court where the divorce was filed.

Obtaining a divorce decree is extremely important as this is the only legal proof of your divorce. To avoid any big problems in the future, you must take this small effort.

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