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Divorce is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a couple. Sometimes there is no other option than divorce in order to end the suffering and pain of the relationship and move ahead in life. One of the partners has to file a petition in the court in order to initiate the process of divorce. It is necessary to file the right documents at the right time in order to end the relationship. There are certain things that are to be kept in mind and certain rules to abide with, and thus it is necessary to consult an attorney and get legal help from them. How to answer a divorce petition is also quite crucial when doing a divorce.

The procedure to file a reply to the petition is dependent on the local regulations prevailing in the state. If the case is Uncontested, the answer form can be obtained from the clerk in the court. This type of case can be fought without the assistance of a lawyer. On the other hand, if the case is contested, it is not necessary to take help of a lawyer and legal aid can also be taken in case of financial problems.

Procedure to file a Reply Divorce Petition

  • The first step would be to gain knowledge regarding the rules prevailing in the state. so that no mistakes are committed during the process of the trial.
  • Each court in the United States has specified its own rules regarding the way in which the petition and replies have to be filled.

When the petitioner serves the petition, the respondent should understand the rules.

  • The respondent must keep in mind to file the answer within the stipulated time as per the law and should abide by all the rules. If this is not observed, there is a possibility that the respondent may have to compromise the rights in a divorce process.
  • It is possible to procure a copy of the jurisdiction rules at the legal aid office or the local library.
  • The respondent must remember to respond to all the allegations in the divorce document. Each of the allegations must be followed by a statement admiting the faults or blaming the other partner.
  • There are several jurisdictions that have already written forms for offering a reply to the blames. If the respondent is not represented by a lawyer, then it is advisable to use these forms. When the respondent selects a form, the respondent should ensure to answer every question on the form.
  • The papers must be signed by the respondent and the date should be mentioned along with it.
  • According to some laws, the sign of one party should be witnessed by the other or it should be done in front of a Notary Public. It is also sometimes necessary to write down the phone number, mailing address and email address.
  • The respondent must file the answer in the court and then serve the answer to the partner or his/her lawyer.

Major Points about Answering a Divorce Petition

  • Your name, address, city, state and zip code. All these things should be mentioned accurately
  • Your telephone number
  • The bar number of the attorney should be stated if a lawyer is representing you
  • Information on who is representing your case
  • It must be ensured that the names of both the parties are identical to that mentioned on the petition. Moreover, this care must be taken for each document that is filed in the court.
  • The number of the case that is mentioned in the upper right hand corner of the legal document must be written on the Answer. This practice must be followed regarding all documents that would be filed in the court.

All the above mentioned information should be considered seriously while filing a petition or answering the same. All the rules and regulations set by the government should be followed so as to get a hassle free divorce. Most of the people want to get a quickie divorce and for that it is very necessary to work according to the advice of the attorney. The counter petition should have the authentic information as to why the petition is declined. There are various ways of answering to the petition. The partner can simply deny to the facts or else state the reasons. After the counter petition is sent to the court, the final trial starts. The information stated above is authentic and will help all the people who are unaware of the things that should be done prior to the process of answering the divorce petition.

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