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When the hearing is conducted, it is expected that the Petitioner should attend it and testify it in open court. After the testimony, the judge will take the decision whether the Petitioner would be granted the divorce and whether the Decree of Dissolution is free from errors. If the Judge decides to grant the divorce, the Judge signs the Decree. Those who desire a certified copy of the Decree must accost the clerk of the district court.

Forms to be filled in Nebraska Divorce Procedure while filing for divorce

  • Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage: The divorce procedure begins when the Petitioner files this document
  • Vital Statistics Certificate: As per the law in this state, this certificate must be filed along with the Complaint. If the Petitioner is unsure what information must be input in this form, it is expected that "unknown" must be written in the appropriate box
  • Filing Fee Waiver Paper: As per the most recent data, the Petitioner must disburse 157 USD, if filing is done on or after 30th August 2009. However, if the Petitioner has extremely low income and cannot pay this fee, then the Petitioner can request the Judge to waive this fee. For this the following forms are essential
    • Instructions for filling out order to proceed in forma pauperism
    • Order to proceed in forma pauperism
    • Instructions for filling out affidavit and application to proceed in forma pauperism
    • Affidavit and application to proceed in forma pauperism
    • Instructions for in forma pauperism
  • Social Security Information and Confidential Party Information forms

When all these forms are filed, the court clerk assigns the file a case number. The Petitioner can enquire the name of the judge allocated to the case through the court clerk.

Service in Nebraska Divorce Procedure

The procedure of giving a formal notice to the Respondent regarding the divorce case is known as the "service of process" or "service." This process can be done in the below mentioned ways.

Voluntary Appearance

  • The Instructions for filling out the Voluntary Appearance can be used to create a Voluntary Appearance Form
  • A photocopy of the Complaint that is filed in the court along with the Voluntary Appearance form must be forwarded to the Respondent
  • Instruct the Respondent to retain the photocopy of the Complaint and sign the Voluntary Appearance Form
  • The Petitioner must carry the signed Voluntary Appearance Form and file it with the clerk of the District Court

Recipe for Summons

  • The Instructions for filling out the Recipe for Summons is read and employed to develop a Recipe for Summons (spelt as "pray Si pee")
  • The Recipe is used to request the court to issue a Summons that may be served to the Respondent by the Sheriff. The Petitioner must file the Recipe for Summons with the clerk of the district court where the divorce has been filed
  • The Summons is served to the Respondent by the Sheriff of the county in which the Respondent resides
  • The Summons notifies the Respondent that the Complaint for divorce has been filed as well as the date on which the Response is due
  • The Order to Proceed In Forma pauperism signed by the Judge must be attached with the Summons, in case the Judge has waived the filing fees. In this case, the county disburses the Sheriff's Bill for Service
  • The Petitioner should draft such a Recipe that contains all the addresses at which the Sheriff might be able to meet the Respondent. This is inclusive of work address and home address. In addition to this, the time slot when the Respondent can be found at a particular location can also be mentioned, if known.

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