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When laws are formed in any society, these laws address to all the dimensions of that particular topic or issue. Let us take the example of divorce. Not all cases are same; since every individual is different due to individual difference, the issue faced by different separating couples are also different. A number of laws and processes address to these issues and thus the couples are granted divorce by the court. New Hampshire in USA has also laid down divorce rules and laws and couples who are going to split need to follow the procedures.

A brief overview of New Hampshire Divorce Procedures

For initiating a divorce procedure in this state, the following conditions must be fulfilled.

  • The Petitioner must reside in this state and it must be possible to serve the divorce papers to the Respondent in this state
  • The Petitioner must have resided in this state for 1 year
  • Both the divorcing partners must be residing in this state

New Hampshire Divorce Procedures without minor children

It may happen that the divorcing partners do not agree with each other to apply for a divorce. Then, the divorcing partner, who desires a divorce, can file the papers as an individual. Such a Petitioner has to file a Petition for Divorce along with a Personal Data Sheet. Further, the Respondent needs to be notified about such a filing. This notification can take place in one of the following 3 ways.

  • The Petitioner sends the papers by certified mail
  • The Petitioner sends the papers through the Sheriff
  • The Respondent picks up the papers at the court

There are cases wherein both the divorcing partners accede with each other to have a divorce, but may not agree regarding the distribution of property. In such a situation, they can file a Joint Petition for divorce along with a Personal Data Sheet. By filing these papers, the divorcing couples can save their money necessary for formal service of the legal documents.

The other documents that are essential for completion are as follows.

  • Final Decree on divorce or legal separation
  • Vital Statistics form
  • Financial Affidavits of both the parties

Some divorcing partners wish for court orders while the procedure is in progress. Such divorcing partners have to request a temporary hearing on the petition. Then it becomes essential that before the temporary hearing they must file a Temporary Decree on divorce or legal separation.

New Hampshire Divorce Procedures with Minor Children

As explained in the above section, the divorcing partners may file a Petition or a Joint Petition for divorce. After an individual petition is served or a joint petition is filed, a First Appearance session is scheduled. During such a session, the Judge or Master throws light on the procedure in the court and explains significant points about involvement of the children.

The divorcing partners understand important points regarding child support, guardians ad litem, mediation, parenting plans and Child Impact Seminar during the session. At the conclusion of the session, the court decides the date for the next phase of the process.

In order to complete the procedure successfully, the following forms are essential:

  • Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
  • Uniform Support Order
  • Final Decree or legal separation
  • Vital Statistics form
  • Financial Affidavits of both the divorcing partners
  • Parenting Plan
  • Certificate of completion of Child Impact Seminar

The divorcing partner must complete the Request for Certified Copy of Divorce Decree Packet form and send this form to the court in order to procure a certified copy of the divorce and all the related paperwork. In 2009, the court used to charge 15 USD as a process fee regarding this work.

When you discuss your case with your lawyer, you will find a number of important matters that you have to consider before proceeding for your divorce case. Accordingly, you have to follow the New Hampshire divorce procedures that are relevant in your case. More than anything else you need confidence and a positive attitude towards your divorce.

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