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Divorce is a critical and painful situation that a couple can go through in their life. Deciding to end the marriage is not an easy task. The couple usually tries out best possible ways to save the marriage, unless the case is extremely hostile. Sometimes after a divorce procedure has been initiated, some couples realize that there is no need to go that far. However, they do not finalize to completely revoke the divorce process. The following question props up in their minds - How to stop divorce proceedings? If the couple stops the divorce, this gives them an opportunity to amend the problems that led to a divorce decision. In case the couple is not successful in this amendment, they can restart the divorce process. There is no additional expense for this resumption.

Steps regarding "how to stop divorce proceedings":

  • When one spouse begins the divorce, it is observed in several cases that either or both spouses feel that mediation or counseling is a good route to avoid divorce litigation. So, both the spouses should meet one another and discuss if both agree that divorce is not the sole option in store.

  • If the spouses decide to stop the divorce procedure, it is very essential to contact a divorce attorney. The spouses should find information from this lawyer regarding the laws in the specific state to stop or postpone a divorce.

  • The spouses should read the paperwork pertaining to the filing of the divorce. In some states in the US, some duration or waiting period is provided from the date the documents are signed by the spouses till the date the divorce becomes final. The spouses should determine that along the time line of the divorce process, presently they are at what stage. The answer to this query would be adequate to judge if they can or cannot stop the divorce proceedings.

  • If it is possible to stop the divorce process, then the spouses should meet the city clerk or a lawyer and procure the relevant paperwork necessary to postpone or stop a divorce. The divorce petition is withdrawn and a notice of revocation is filed.

  • This paperwork must be duly filled and submitted in the court.

  • After filing of the paperwork, the court makes a judgment in this regard. Now, the divorce proceedings can be stopped.

Relevant issues regarding "how to stop divorce proceedings":

  • Let us assume that a couple has not been granted a divorce judgment by the court. Till this phase exists, either one or both spouses can withdraw the divorce petition. Alternatively, the court might issue a notice of revocation to cease the divorce process. The court has the authority to stop divorce processes for mediation, counseling and/or overall negotiation.

    With respect to the previous point, if the spouses are serious about stopping divorce proceedings, they must have a positive attitude to find a solution to the issues through teamwork. They must be willing to undergo counseling or therapy as a couple.

  • Let us assume that both spouses have acceded with each other to reconcile. Now, they must bear in mind that the conflicting issues cannot be resolved overnight. If they display tolerance and patience, there is a greater possibility of a good result.

Tips on stopping divorce proceedings:

  • Both the spouses should confirm from heart and mind that they actually want to stop the divorce.
  • Both the parties should be willing to stop the divorce. They should work out ways together to meet their goal
  • It is important to think about the future and emotional well-being of the children, and thus try to stop the divorce
  • Check the current stage of divorce proceeding you are in
  • Reconciliation must be done before the final judgment takes place during divorce finalization
  • Be aware of the necessary State laws
  • Make sure that all necessary documents and papers are filled and submitted correctly
  • Hire an attorney to help complete the process
  • Make a commitment to make a fresh new start

The flexibility of taking a decision to divorce lies completely with both the spouses. Once a divorce proceeding has started and during the process the partners realize that the relationship is not worth severing, they may wonder as in how to stop divorce proceedings. Couples who wish to reconcile, may find it relatively easy to stop a divorce process at their own will. But, it is important to decide this before the divorce is finalized at the court of law. Laws in the United States do support this transformation of mind for the good of a married relationship.

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