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Divorce is the next step, when the married couple is on the verge of ending their marriage and wants to regain their single status. Even though divorce is a known term to everyone, yet it is difficult to understand the legal jargons related to it. During the divorce proceeding the married couple who plan to end their marriage, will come across several legal terms such as grounds of divorce, alimony, child custody, visitation rights, decree of divorce, separation period, waiting period etc. After hearing these terms one would have several divorce questions in their mind that they need an appropriate answer to.

Divorce procedures are not restricted to filing forms and submitting divorce papers. There are several details about divorce proceedings that one would need to know about, if they are opting for divorce to end their marriage. The basic divorce questions that would fill any person's mind are about filing for divorce. How do they file for divorce, what process do they need to follow, which county do they need to file a divorce in, where do he or she file a divorce if they have recently relocated to a new state etc. One needs to mention the grounds on which he or she is filing the divorce. The person opting for a divorce just cannot mention their personal problem as the reason for divorce. They need to mention the appropriate acceptable ground for divorce as per the state where he or she is filing the divorce papers.

The acceptable grounds for divorce differ from one state to the other. Most states have no fault ground as an acceptable ground for divorce. But the fault grounds may vary, as every state has different fault grounds. Most common fault grounds are adultery, drug abuse, felony, physical and substance abuse, abandonment etc. Even though there are several grounds of divorce that are considered by the states, the divorcing person needs to know the exact ground for divorce that he or she needs to file the divorce under. The no fault divorce ground has been introduced with the intention that the divorcing couple do not need to go through financial problems to get a divorce. Even though no fault divorce is a good option but it is not advisable to opt for no fault divorce, if the actual reason for divorce is physical or sexual abuse.

Divorce is the legal end of marriage between two individuals. These individuals were bonded legally during the period of their marriage. Hence, the issues related to division of property, assets, and liability need to be considered. If the couple filing for divorce has child or children for this marriage, then they would have to deal with child custody and visitation rights. Such divorcing parents would have several questions related to visitation rights and child custody. During divorce, the divorcing person feels insecure and needs appropriate answers to the legal questions that have filled their mind. Here we have answered several questions related to different aspects of legal divorce procedures.

As per the divorce laws in the state, the waiting and separation period vary. Those who are looking forward to getting a divorce would have questions related to the waiting period, separation period and other aspects related to divorce. One would like to know the waiting period in the state where he or she is thinking of filing a divorce. There are several personal questions that one would need answers to, such as can he or she get engaged before the final decree, will such a step affect their divorce, and is getting engaged before divorce legal in the state where they have filed the divorce. We have provided answers to several such questions that would prove helpful to those who are thinking about getting a divorce or have already filed for divorce and need answers regarding divorce proceedings.

Along with legal process of divorce, the divorcing person has to look after several issues related to divorce like property division and spousal support. The court considers several factors before deciding on these issues. But the divorcing person needs to be aware about such facts and figures as he or she might have attended trial to sort out these issues. These issues can also be sorted out by the divorcing couple on their own. Even though a person might be thinking about negotiating on these issues, he or she needs to be aware about their legal rights. Therefore, we have provided answers to questions related to property division and spousal support as well.

The divorce questions and their relevant answers mentioned over here will be helpful to resolve queries of divorcing person. One needs to be aware about divorce legal process and various other issues related to it. Along with divorce the person needs to deal with these issues.

The answers to some divorce questions vary as per the state while some are same irrespective of the state. An insight to all these issues is provided on this page.

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