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Divorce is a legal process of ending a marriage. When you decide to end your marriage, whether with consent or without consent, you need to file a divorce and there would be several questions that would fill your mind. You need to know about the legal terms used during the divorce process and the answer to several questions that you would think about during the filing and processing of the divorce. Here we have created a list of divorce questions answered that would prove to be great help to answer all your queries.

Following are few divorce questions answered:

If a husband files a petition for divorce; does it mean that the husband would have to pay for the legal expenditures of the wife?

A. No. The wife may request the court to order the husband to pay for her legal expenses. This is possible only when there is a large financial disparity amongst the parties or if one party has committed an egregious act.

Q. If a client has dismissed his or her lawyer, then the lawyer has to refund the balance of the retainer. If a lawyer avoids doing so, what should the client do?

A. The client must call the state bar grievance committee and a complaint must be filed.

Q. If one desires to undergo mediation, is it essential to file for divorce?

A. It is not essential to file for divorce for attending mediation. As a matter of fact, mediation can assist to finalize that who should file for divorce and how the divorcing partners should share the expenses of divorce.

Q. Consider the following case. A couple gets married and after 2 months they get separated. After the separation, they are involved in different relationships. Presently, none of them expect anything from one another and simply wish to terminate their marriage. What sort of divorce should they file?

A. The couple should head for a simple uncontested divorce. Any one partner can fill in all the paperwork. In order to get more precise information, it is essential to talk with a lawyer.

Q. Consider that a couple has been separated for 7 years. The husband finally filed for divorce and stated that his wife was seeing other men and his wife abused him. His wife says this is a complete lie. What can the wife do about it?

A. From the above description, it is obvious that the wife has no problem with acceptance of the divorce, but does not agree with the grounds of the divorce. In such a case, the wife should meet the husband and tell him that she would readily accept the divorce, but he has to alter the grounds in a manner that are not very insulting to her.

Q. Suppose a person is getting married in 2 months and hence wishes for a fast divorce. How can he meet his aims?

A. 2 months is a rather unrealistic time for reaching the ex-spouse and completing the court process. This person should file for an uncontested divorce and thereby agree all the conditions of the divorce and sign off all the essential documents. There is a hurdle of waiting period in his intention. For this, the person must contact the state court web site or the office of the court clerk.

Q. A wife wants a divorce, but only has the phone number of the husband. If the divorce papers require his address, what should she do?

A. She can call her husband and ask for his address details. If she is not talking with her husband, then there are some websites wherein one can enter a phone number and view the corresponding address. If the wife is not able to do so, a good process server can be used.

The list of divorce questions answered provided here have been collated considering common questions that would fill your mind during the divorce application or proceeding. It is important to be aware about answers to these questions. As divorce is a legal process one should be aware several aspects of a divorce before filing a divorce. If you are filing a divorce, you would like to know whether you would have to pay legal expenses of your wife. There is confusion about whether to file for divorce before going for mediation. If a husband created false grounds of divorce against the wife, then what should the wife do? All such queries are answered above. In certain cases, you need to meet the lawyer as they will be able to provide further guidance.

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