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The couple thinking about ending their marriage by filing for divorce should know about the divorce laws applicable in the state, where they plan to get a divorce. The person thinking about filing a divorce to end his or her marriage should know the important terms related to Minnesota divorce. If you are aware about the legal procedures followed in the state where you intent to file for divorce, then managing the divorce related legal paper work and legal proceeding becomes easy. One should get acquainted with the legal terms used in the state where they are filing a divorce. The legal terms such as Respondent, Petitioner, Petition of Divorce, and Decree of Divorce are not easily understood by layman. The list of Minnesota divorce questions and their answers provided here will be of great help to those who are thinking about filing for divorce in Minnesota State.

The Minnesota divorce questions examples are as follows:

Q. Define some basic terms related to Minnesota divorce?

A. The term Petitioner refers to that divorcing partner who files the action. The term Respondent means the spouse of the Petitioner. The document that is used to commence a divorce process is called as Petition for Divorce. The document that is used to grant the divorce is named as the Decree of Divorce.

Q. In Minnesota what is the basic residency requirements for filing a divorce?

A. Minimum one or both the divorcing partners must be residing in this state for at least 180 days immediately before the date on which the petition of divorce was filed.

Q. Point out the correct place for filing a divorce case?

A. The Petition for divorce should be filed in the county wherein either of the divorcing partners stays.

Q. Explain some of the expenses related to Minnesota divorces?

A. Any divorce lawyer would levy fees for the following works:

  • For working on the divorce case for the required time period in the office
  • For representation of the client in a divorce court
The divorce court levies the following fees.
  • A case filing fee
  • Fee for each motion

Q. Highlight some points regarding role of divorce lawyers?


  • There is no law in this state that makes it compulsory to hire a divorce lawyer for a divorce case.
  • As a professional divorce lawyer can represent the case in a better manner as compared to the divorcing partner, it is advisable to hire the services of a lawyer.
  • As per the laws in this state, both the divorcing partners cannot hire a single divorce lawyer for handling the divorce case. Thus, it is mandatory that the divorcing partners must hire different divorce lawyers.

Q. Consider that post-marriage, the husband begins residing in the residence of the wife. After some period has elapsed, the husband decides to divorce the wife. In such circumstances, can the husband keep the residence?

A. As the husband does not have any right on the property of the wife, the husband cannot keep the residence. However, in some cases the wife desires that the husband should have a right on her property. Then the wife transfers her property in the name of the husband. In such a condition, the husband can keep the residence post-divorce.

Q. What grounds of divorce are permissible in this state?

A. The law in this state allows divorce on the basis of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. There must not be any reasonable prospect of reconciliation in the breakdown. One of the following two conditions must be satisfied:

  • There must be grave marital discord between the divorcing partners that impacts one or both divorcing partners adversely in marital life.
  • The divorcing partners must have resided apart and separate for minimum 180 days.

Q. Till what point of time does the obligation to disburse spousal support exist?

A. Till the death of the recipient spouse or the remarriage of the recipient spouse.

The important Minnesota divorce questions and their relevant answers mentioned above will prove helpful to those who plan to file a divorce in Minnesota. One should know the basic requirements for filing a divorce and the place where one needs to file for divorce. The grounds for filing a divorce differs as per the state where you plan to file a divorce. You might have questions about the expenses related to divorce that you would have to bear, if you file a divorce in this state. What services should one expect from a divorce lawyer is a question that you would wonder about.

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