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Taking divorce is not an easy thing to do as there are a lot of things that are to be kept in mind. Stress and depression are the two major problems that occur after the couple takes divorce and plan to end their relationship. No one thinks that they would be the ones going through the process of divorce, and thus the couples should try and solve their problems till the time they can. Children also suffer a lot when they see their parents parting ways from each other. Father's rights in divorce are of great importance as they should get a fair chance to be with their children and enjoy that phase of their life. Mothers should keep in mind that fathers are equally important for the children and that is why they should not be ignored during divorce. The couple should make sure that they ask for a joint custody of the children so that the children are not deprived of their parents love and care.

It has been concluded that girls of divorced parents experience more problem with men and marriage as compared to what boys feel regarding women and marriage. Consider that a father is not awarded a right to have an ongoing relation with his daughter. When this daughter enters the age of adolescent and starts contemplation regarding sex, she lacks a realistic concept of what men are like. After sufficient study it has been concluded that girls are more negatively affected owing to the absence of their father's rights over them.

Fathers Rights in a Divorce guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution

A court order is not mandatory to procure father's rights in a divorce. A father has already been bestowed with the below mentioned rights by the U.S.A Constitution and the state laws. Except when a court order specifies the contrary, the following rights can be assumed as granted:

  • Determination of the best decisions for the child
  • Offering guidance and disciplining the child
  • While you are with your children, the father can observe his own parenting method and beliefs not worrying about the interference of the mother
  • Taking a decision regarding the medical treatment, dentist and doctors of the child
  • Determination of the religious faiths and practices that a child should observe
  • Selection of a school for the child. Such a school might be private, public or at home
  • Exercising the control, care and custody of the child
  • Taking part in the extracurricular activities of the child
  • Maintaining access to the medical and school records of the child
  • Getting involved in the parenting of the child
  • Concluding the place of residence of the child
  • Nurturing and loving the child without fear of harassment from the mother
  • Spend time with the child, and during this interact and get involved with the child, thereby having an influence over the life of the child

Why Fathers Rights in a Divorce are important?

It has been observed that wives and soon to be ex wives should as a matter of fact acknowledge that the fathers must be given adequate rights pertaining to the child. The reason of making this statement becomes obvious from the following statistics:

  • If all high school dropouts are considered, 71 percent do not have a father.
  • In the group of children with behavioral disorders, 85 percent do not have a father in their lives.
  • 63 percent of teenage suicides are committed by children who live in a house without a father.

Thus, it can be concluded that a child experiences a better life in the presence of a father in each circumstance, except maltreatment and child abuse. Fathers act as a protective figure in the lives of the children, and children are not scared of committing mistakes as they know someone is there who will always support them to face the challenges of life and get going.

When a divorcing couple is charting out the custody plan, they usually have the best interests of the child as their goal. What the parents might not know is that the child can continue in the absence of fancy clothes and toys, however, it is mandatory that the child gets to see both the parents. The parents will certainly observe a sparkle in the eyes of their child, when they are together with their ex-spouse. So, mothers should realize that a father's divorce rights are equally crucial. Fathers make their child independent, and are always there to motivate them to do the best in life.

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