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When it is impossible to settle things in a relationship, the only thing left is to part ways and lead a happy life. Most of the people stay with their partners because they don't know what will they do without them but this bold step is a result of several scars given to them by their partners. Couples decide to lawfully end their relationship when they realize that there is no love and respect left in the relationship. When patience of bearing troubles end, couples do not care about their family or children, it is at that time that they take a decision for themselves. To get divorced in the best possible way, couples should hire the best attorney so that he can explain them the details about the law and can give them the right advice. Before hiring a lawyer, couples should research well about his experience and his work so that the case can be easily won.

There are various celebrities who have taken divorce because for them there was nothing left in a relationship. One such celebrity Bill Murray got divorced from his wife Jennifer Butler Murray on the grounds of infidelity and drug addiction. Their divorce was devastating for both of them. Let's find a few details of the divorce.

Introduction to Bill Murray Divorce Settlement

William James or Bill Murray is a comedian and actor in the United States. He has starred in films like "Saturday Night Live", "Caddyshack", "Ghostbusters" and "Groundhog Day." He has residences in Rockland County (New York), Charleston (South Carolina), Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) and Los Angeles.

On 25th January 1981, Bill married Margaret Kelley with whom he had 2 sons named Homer (born in 1982) and Luke (born in 1985). Further, Bill began an affair with Jennifer Butler and due to this Bill and Margaret divorced in 1996.

In 1996, Bill married Jennifer. They have 4 sons as follows.

  • Caleb (Birth date: 11th January 1993)
  • Jackson (Birth date: 6th October 1995)
  • Cooper (Birth date: 27th January 1997)
  • Lincoln (Birth date: 30th May 2001)

Jennifer accused Bill of the following and consequently filed for divorce on 12th May 2008.

  • Frequent abandonment
  • Several infidelities
  • Physical abuse (in one incident, he stroked her on her face)
  • Addiction to sex, alcohol and marijuana

On 13th June 2008, the divorce was made final.

Terms of Bill Murray Divorce Settlement

In less than 1.5 months after Jennifer had filed the petition, a judge in Charleston, SC, put down his signature on the divorce settlement between Bill and Jennifer.

  • Jennifer was awarded the custody of the 4 children of the couple
  • Jennifer was awarded a home in Hemet, California as well as the family residence on South Carolina's Sullivan Island
  • Bill was offered visitation rights of the children
  • As per the prenuptial agreement of this couple, Bill had to disburse a onetime payment of 7 million USD
  • Bill acceded to pay child support
  • Bill was permitted to retain the property in Massachusetts, New York and California

This divorce case appeared to present a cheap court conflict. However, it was quickly over after the judge issued orders to seal the court documents on the request of the pair.

During the divorce, Jennifer argued that their prenuptial agreement had become invalid due to Bill's actions. However, the judge concluded that it would remain intact. On July 4, 1997, prior to their marriage, the Murray couple had signed an agreement of 23 pages. It included the following points.

If any spouse files for divorce, then

  • Both the partners would retain their separate property
  • Both would waive any right to support or property
  • Both would maintain responsibilities of their children

During this divorce settlement, Jennifer hired Robert Rosen, a Charleston lawyer. As per the court records, Bill did not have a lawyer.

Restraining orders for Bill Murray

As per county property records, Jennifer bought the Sullivan's Island beach house in 2006. The price she paid was 3.65 million USD. In the same year, she moved to this residence along with her 4 children due to Bill's abandonment, sexual addictions, physical abuse, adultery, addiction to alcohol and marijuana. During the divorce settlement, she sought a restraining order from the court that would prevent Bill from entering this Sullivan's Island home.

Taking divorce is not an easy task as one has to subside all their feelings for their partner, so as to move on in life. Holding on to the bad memories is not good for a person as it hampers the growth. People are not able to grow and flourish because they keep on thinking about their lose. They are unable to make new relationships because they are scared of getting hurt again but one should not forget that divorce is not the end of life, it is just the end of a miserable relationship.

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