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Introduction to Bob Whitfield Divorce Settlement

Bob or Robert Lectress Whitfield Jr played in the National Football League in the United States and was a football offensive tackle. From 1992 to 2003, Bob represented the Falcons. In February 2007, he declared that he has retired from professional football.

Sheree Whitfield spent her childhood in Shaker Heights, Ohio. This is close to Cleveland. She is a mother of 3 children. People who know her regard her as a glittering socialite and entrepreneur.

Bob and Sheree Whitfield married each other in 2000. They enjoyed 3 years of marital life and separated in 2003. Finally, they were divorced in 2007.

Terms of Bob Whitfield Divorce Settlement

In the initial settlement, the court granted Sheree the following.

  • A Lump sum of 775,000 USD
  • A yearly amount of 113,422 USD from the retirement funds of Bob
  • A monthly child support of 2,142.87 USD
  • No spousal support
  • The Georgia Supreme Court asked Sheree and her children to vacate the residence in Sandy Springs, GA (this is to the north of Atlanta), that is estimated at 2.6 million USD
  • Sheree was awarded primary custody of the 2 children who were aged 8 and 11 at the time of the divorce
  • 250,000 USD of the 401(k) plan of Bob
  • 2006 Range Rover Sport
  • The court awarded Bob almost all the real estate (inclusive of 4 homes) as well as the recording studio "Patchwerks". This studio was established by Bob

In a nutshell, this divorce settlement offered Sheree more than 1.1 million USD in marital property, cash and sections of the 3 NFL retirement programs. However, Sheree's lawyers made an appeal against this divorce settlement. They claimed that Sheree has just a high school diploma and her attempt to begin a clothing boutique had failed. Thus, she had limited education and an inability to earn money. In this way, she was at a serious disadvantage when compared with Bob who had a 6 year 30 million USD contract with the Falcons.

Sheree claimed that she could not afford to purchase a new residence in the locality where the children were raised in marital life.

Arguments against this divorce settlement

Sheree's lawyers are of the opinion that the court misused its discretion by denying alimony and expelling Sheree and her children from the residence in Sandy Springs.

The lawyers argue that as per the laws of the state, the trial court must consider the following points before taking a decision regarding alimony.

  • Standard of life experienced by Sheree and her children in marital status
  • The length of the marriage
  • A comparison of the economical resources of Sheree and Bob
  • Period of time essential for Sheree to attain enough education and training to get a job

The attorneys point out the fact that Sheree had invested her time in upbringing the 2 minor children of the couple. The decision of the court to refuse alimony is also opposite to the best interests of these children.

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