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There are various reasons that can cause a divorce. Most of the people get bored of their relationship and end it because they do not find it exciting. However, this cannot be taken as one of the major reasons for a divorce because almost 50% of the marriages are broken on the grounds of drug addiction by one of the spouses. . It is not an easy thing to part ways from the person you promised to live with, but this situation arises when the relationship becomes a burden and staying with the person becomes a misery. In such cases, children suffer the most, they become depressed and that can be seen in their behavior.

The couple files a divorce and ask for a divorce settlement. There are various things that are involved in a divorce settlement, such as, property, children and finances, all are taken into account while settling the divorce. Everything earned by the couple after marriage is divided equitably so that both the partners can live a hassle free life even after divorce. Charlie Sheen divorce settlement was a tragic divorce and various aspects about the divorce, which were hidden, came into the scene. In their case, Charlie was divorced on the grounds of violence and drug addiction.

Introduction to Charlie Sheen Divorce Settlement

The American actor, Carlos Irwin Estevez is known by the name Charlie Sheen. He has performed character roles in the following films.

  • Platoon (1986): A Vietnam War drama
  • The Wraith (1986)
  • Wall Street (1987)
  • Major League
  • Scary Movie 3 and 4

In 2001, while filming Good Advice, Charlie met Denise Richards, an actress. On June 15, 2002, they got married. This couple has 2 daughters.

  • Sam J. Sheen (Birth date: 9th March 2004)
  • Lola Rose Sheen (Birth date: 1st June 2005)

In March 2005, Denise filed a petition for divorce, although she was pregnant with Lola. The grounds of divorce were as follows.

  • Charlie threatened Denise with violence
  • Charlie was involved in alcohol and drug abuse

On 30th November 2006, the divorce was made official.

Terms of Charlie Sheen Divorce Settlement

The terms of Charlie divorce settlement stated that Denise will receive about 40 million USD because of their married relationship of 3 years. Some of the points that were considered were:

  • Child support for 15 years: 10 million USD. This amount is tax free
  • Divorce settlement: 7 million USD
  • Syndication royalties from Sheen's Two and a Half Men television series: 25 million USD
  • 10 million USD was given to her for child support. This amount was to be given for 15 years
  • 7 millions USD were given for divorce settlement
  • A handsome amount of 25 million USD was given as royalty from Sheen's Two and a Half Men Television series

Denise said that she was a good mother and hence desired to raise her daughters on her own without any nannies and that is why she was given the custody of the children. However, she had 2 nannies on her payroll.

There was a bitter custody conflict between the divorcing partners regarding their 2 daughters. However, this ended on an amicable note and there was peace between them. In April 2009, Charlie stated that the couple had to do what was in the best interest of the girls. The judge made sure that the decision given by him is such that the children are in safe hands and are brought up in the best possible way. The choice of the children was also taken into consideration but the final decision was taken by the judge .

Denise speaks about the upbringing of her daughters

Richards promoted a controversial reality show titled "It's complicated." Many people criticized her for doing so. However, she fought back by asking that "What reality show with families doesn't have children."

She emphasized that her reason for performing on this show was that she was a single mother. She was responsible for the support of her children and had bills to pay like everyone else, so, she needed to work. It was gauged that Denise could earn 0.5 million USD from this reality show. She made it public that since the end of her marriage from Charlie, Charlie had given her almost 5 million USD.

Some quotes regarding this divorce settlement

Some sources have made the following comments about this settlement.

"In addition to the child support, Richards got 60,000 USD a month (also tax free) for two years in alimony - adding up to a whopping 1.44 million USD. Richards also gets a chunk of Sheen's hot sitcom, "Two and a Half Men," which eventually will net her up to 25 million USD,"

"But, "Denise gets 52,000 USD a month tax free in child support. Most people in America can figure out how to live on that, but Denise can't?"

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