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During a divorce, several emotions act as a hurdle to a professional procedure. The spouses desire that the financial aspects should be executed in a smooth mode. The tables presented below would prove handy in a divorce settlement. It is expected that the divorcing partners need to fill in the various cells.

Income and Expense Divorce Settlement Worksheet

Both the husband and wife should determine the household budget on either a monthly or yearly basis.

Income Husband Wife
Source 1 USD USD
Source 2 USD USD
Source n USD USD

Expense Husband Wife
Child care/ Tuition / Activities USD USD
Entertainment USD USD
Religious affiliations / Charities USD USD
Insurance USD USD
Medical care USD USD
Food and Clothing USD USD
Housing and Utilities USD USD
Any other expenses USD USD

Asset Divorce Settlement Worksheet

The divorcing couple must collaborate and summarize the overall inventory of their property. It would prove handy to know the divorce law in the specific state. This knowledge would serve as a guide to distribute the several assets and debts.

Asset Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Safety Deposit Box USD H/W M/S
Checking account USD H/W M/S
Savings account USD H/W M/S
Bank account USD H/W M/S
Any other accounts USD H/W M/S

Vehicles Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Motorcycle USD H/W M/S
Trailer USD H/W M/S
Boat USD H/W M/S
Automobile(s) USD H/W M/S
Any other vehicle USD H/W M/S

Household Items Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Guns USD H/W M/S
Tools USD H/W M/S
DVDs/CDs/records/tapes USD H/W M/S
Electronics USD H/W M/S
Collectibles USD H/W M/S
China USD H/W M/S
Books USD H/W M/S
Jewelry USD H/W M/S
Silver USD H/W M/S
Crystal USD H/W M/S
Clothing USD H/W M/S
Furniture USD H/W M/S
Any other items USD H/W M/S

Property Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Commercial real estate USD H/W M/S
Land USD H/W M/S
Second Home USD H/W M/S
House USD H/W M/S
Any other property USD H/W M/S

Retirement funds and / or corporate benefits Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Stock options USD H/W M/S
Pension USD H/W M/S
IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) USD H/W M/S
Defined contribution USD H/W M/S
401 (k) USD H/W M/S
Other funds USD H/W M/S

Investments Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Life Insurance (cash value) USD H/W M/S
Mutual funds USD H/W M/S
Bonds USD H/W M/S
Stocks USD H/W M/S
Other investments USD H/W M/S

Miscellaneous Value Owner Whether Marital or Separate Property
Timeshares USD H/W M/S
Copyrights USD H/W M/S
Business partnerships USD H/W M/S
Outstanding tax refunds USD H/W M/S
Memberships USD H/W M/S
Other miscellaneous items USD H/W M/S

Debt Divorce Settlement Worksheet

Debt Husband, present balance Wife, present balance Schedule of payment
Children's dental or medical USD USD USD
College loan(s) USD USD USD
Personal loan(s) USD USD USD
Store credit card(s) USD USD USD
Bank credit card(s) USD USD USD
Car loan USD USD USD
Mortgage USD USD USD
Any other debts USD USD USD

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