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It can be a journey full of ups and downs, but then all the relationships have their own ups and downs from time to time. Marriage is a relationship that marks the union of two souls who become one. Who could imagine on their wedding day that they would be the ones fighting with each other for divorce. Divorce is the last retort when things become so bitter that there is no way out and reconciliation becomes impossible. Children suffer the most in case of divorce as they bear the pain of watching their parents parting ways. They start feeling lonely and depressed as they crave for the love of their parents, which they do not get.

Madonna and Guy Stuart Ritchie took vows of love and honoring each other till the end of time on December 22, 2000, but due to various problems, parted ways. Theirs was one of the most expensive divorce settlements; however, to fix things that went wrong in the past, this was the price Madonna had to pay to her ex-husband. More than $95 million USD was given to Guy so as to part ways in an amicable manner. Various things were taken into consideration while coming to a settlement. More about Madonna divorce settlement is given below.

Introduction to Madonna Divorce Settlement

Madonna, an entrepreneur, actress and recording actress of the United States is one of the most popular celebrities of the world. Not just this, she has also sold more than 200 million albums of her songs all over the world.

On the other hand, her ex-husband Guy Stuart Ritchie is a filmmaker and screenwriter in England. Both of them met each other in 1999 through mutual friends, Sting and Trudie Styler. Soon after they met, they started dating each other and on August 11, 2000, they were blessed with a son, Rocco, who was born in Los Angeles. Following which, the couple got married on December 22, 2000, at Skibo Castle in Scotland.

Madonna got a lot of success after marriage, whereas Guy was a consistent attendee of services at the Kabbalah Center. After the wedding, the couple even adopted a Malawi baby named David. Madonna also acted in a movie, "Swept Away", which was directed by Guy Stuart. The movie was released in 2002.

In October 2008, Madonna filed for divorce from Guy. She cited "unreasonable behavior" as the ground for divorce. On November 21, the High Court of London granted them a quickie divorce. District Judge Reid granted a Decree Nisi in High Holborn, London. The separation was finalized in December 2008.

Terms of Madonna Divorce Settlement

On December 15, 2008, Madonna's spokeswoman declared that the divorced couple had acceded to a divorce settlement.

  • Madonna would pay her ex an amount ranging from 76 to 92 million USD
  • The above figures are inclusive of the couple's London pub "The Punchbowl" and the country home "Ashcombe" in western England.
  • The couple agreed to have shared custody of their 2 children, Rocco (aged 8 at the time of divorce) and David (aged 3 at the time of divorce). These children would split their time between their father in London and their mother in New York.
  • Lourdes (aged 12 at the time of divorce), who is Madonna's daughter from a previous relationship, would reside with her mother in New York.

Guy had earlier relinquished his rights to have a share of his wife's fortune.

Some quotes regarding this divorce settlement

"Ritchie could have taken her to the cleaners. He is a very honorable man to have walked away."

"It will be all over by the end of the month. The priority for him has always been the children. Ritchie has not wanted her money. He has done exactly what Billie Piper did when she divorced Chris Evans. She walked always without any of his money, much to her credit. Guy Ritchie has done the same."

"He is getting one lump sum imminently. Guy wanted to stay in their London home but Madonna refused to split it in two, and eventually gave him 12 million pounds as compensation. She decided early on that he should get Ashcombe."

Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's spokeswoman, told the Associated Press that, "I'd assume it's one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce settlement."

When this divorce settlement was made, it was ranked 4th on the all time roster of celebrity divorce payouts. Celebrities who had paid larger amounts were as follows.

  • Michael Jordan : 168 million USD
  • Neil Diamond: 150 million USD
  • Steven Spielberg: 100 million USD

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