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About 50% marriages today are ending in divorce as people are not able to share their life with someone. Some of the reasons behind divorce are: doubt, extra marital affair, infidelity and family crisis. Couples are so busy working that they have completed forgotten that they have a family too. Morgan Freeman one of the most astounding film director's marriage came to an end after almost two decades of togetherness. The reason he for the divorce was unfaithfulness on his part. Morgan freeman's divorce settlement was the 7th most expensive divorce settlements, as he had to pay around 400 million USD to his wife Myrna.

Children suffer a lot too as they have to bear the tensions that prevail in the house and between their parents. It is not easy for the children to see their parents parting ways from each other.

Introduction to Morgan Freeman Divorce Settlement

Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr. is renowned as a narrator, film director and actor in the United States. He has been a winner of an Oscar Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award and nominated for the Academy Award for "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Street Smart." One can easily feel an authoritative speaking voice and reserved behavior regarding him.

Myrna Colley-Lee is a theater and film costume designer who belongs to North Carolina. Love blossomed between the couple, and on June 16, 1984, Freeman married Myrna Colley-Lee. After two decades of their marriage, they realized that things were not working between them, following which the couple parted ways in December 2007. The couple has a daughter whom they both adore.

When the things started getting worse, Bill Luckett, Freeman's lawyer and business partner, made it public in August 2008 that the couple are in the process of taking divorce.

Terms of Morgan Freeman Divorce Settlement

Certain rules and regulations are taken into consideration while settling divorce. All the things that the couple acquired during their married life are divided equitably between them so that both the partners get what they truly deserve.

Morgan was related to a car accident wherein a family friend, Demaris Meyer, was also found involved. Reportedly, Meyer was a longtime friend of both Freemans, and was a Memphis-based executive assistant with Federal Express. Soon after this accident, Freeman's divorce was announced.

Initially, it was estimated that the divorce settlement of this couple could be in the 75 to 90 million USD range. Further, when Morgan's assets were found out, the following details were revealed:

  • Los Angeles estate of 15 million USD
  • New York apartment of 10 million USD
  • Real estate in Morgan's native Mississippi of approximately 30 million USD ( this is inclusive of a 5 million personal residence)
  • Home in the Virgin Island of 7 million USD
  • A rare stamp collection
  • Gold coin collection

After discovery of all the assets, it was being speculated that Myrna could be offered more than 100 million USD in a potential divorce settlement. Although, according to the sources, Myrna got a whooping amount of 400 million USD.

It is said that Morgan always recollects and understands the circumstances of a poor and struggling actor. Due to this, he has been very careful regarding his money. Morgan is not misery; however, his behavior is marked by frugality.

Divorce Reports in June 2008

Divorce reports were out in June 2008. On June 26, 2008, some people asked Morgan about his marital status. There were reports that he was breaking up with Myrna due to unfaithfulness on his part. A few people speculated that the couple had consulted a divorce lawyer. When Morgan was told all this, he was astonished and puzzled about these developments. He said that he knew nothing about filing for a divorce. He refused report that he and / or his wife had plans for a divorce. Although soon after this, the couple parted ways from each other.

Some personal facts about Morgan Freeman

  • From October 22, 1967 to 1979, Morgan was married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw
  • From previous relations, he has 2 sons
  • He adopted Jeanette's daughter and this couple had a 4th child
  • His place of residence is New York City and Charleston, Mississippi
  • When he became 65 years of age, he acquired a private pilot's license
  • In Clarksdale, Mississippi, he co-owns and operates Ground Zero, a blues club and Madidi, a fine dining restaurant

Both the partners, Morgan and Myrna, took a brave decision of taking divorce after they realized that things were not working between the two. Although, taking this step was difficult, things became better after they separated.

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