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As per a study done till 2009, the first 10 most expensive divorce settlements were as mentioned below.

Most expensive Divorce Settlements in decreasing order

1.7 billion USD

In June 1999, Rupert Murdoch offered his wife, Anna Murdoch, a divorce settlement worth 1.7 billion USD. Out of this, an amount of 110 million USD was given in cash. Rupert had married Anna in the 1960s. During the marital life of 32 years, they raised 3 children.

874 million USD

In 1982, Adnan Khashoggi, a business in Saudi Arabia, disbursed 874 million USD to his wife, Soraya. This was an out of court divorce settlement. He had married her in 1961. During the marital life, both these partners had a series of adulterous lovers.

460 million USD or more

Wendy McCaw received this amount from Craig McCaw in 1995. Almost this entire amount was procured in Nextel Stock. When the divorce proceedings began, Wendy had demanded 0.2 million USD per month as spousal support. They were married in 1974.

150 million USD

Neil Diamond gave this money to his wife, Marcia Murphey and at that moment, this amount was half his fortune. Neil disclosed that Marcia bore him superb kids and hence she deserved this money. He displayed a cheerful attitude while granting this amount.

100 million USD

In 1989, one of the most outstanding couple in Hollywood (i.e. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving) broke up. Steven shelled out this money to Amy. They were married in 1985. In their marital life, Amy gave birth to Steven's son, Max.

80 million USD

Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva fell apart in 1994. They settled all issues privately amongst themselves. As per the divorce settlement, Kevin paid her 80 million USD. Costner had met Cindy when he was attending California State University at Fullerton. The couple got married in 1978.

60 million USD

Kenny Rogers, who was a singer, photographer, publisher and an owner of a chain of restaurants, willingly offered this amount to Marianne Gordon. He claimed that she deserved each penny of this money. It was estimated that his gross wealth was 250 million USD.

50 million USD or more

James Cameron was coerced to hand over 50 percent of the revenues of his film "Titanic" to his ex wife, Linda Hamilton. This amount was just over 50 million USD. This couple had a marital life of only 17 months during which they had a daughter.

45 million USD

Michael Douglas, who is an Academy Award winning actor and producer, acceded to disburse this amount to complete his divorce with Diandra Douglas. This amount was 33 percent of Michael's estimated wealth. It is alleged that Michael was a sex addict.

30 million USD

These 30 million USDs were paid by Ted Danson to Casey Coates during their 1992 divorce. They experienced a martial life of 15 years and in these had 2 children. In 1979, when Casey was giving birth to their first child, she had suffered a paralyzing stroke. Ted was so infatuated by her that in order to restore her to normal, he took a break from acting for half a year.

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