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Introduction to Shaquille O Neal Divorce Settlement

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal is a citizen in the United States who is famous as the following.

  • Professional basketball player
  • U.S. deputy marshall
  • Reserve police officer
  • Actor
  • Rapper

Shaunie Nelson is a famous person who was born in Inglewood, California and later studied at St Mary's.

On 26th December 2002, Shaunie (a.k.a. Va'Shaundya) Nelson and Shaquille married each other. This couple has 4 children named Me'arah (aged 1 at the time of divorce), Shaqir (aged 4), Amirah (aged 5) and Shareef (aged 7). Star Island in Miami, Florida was where this family used to live.

On 4th September 2007, Shaq (nickname of Shaquille) filed a petition for divorce from Shaunie. Later, Shaunie announced that the divorce was withdrawn as both had got back together. Further, on 10th November 2009, Shaunie quoted "irreconcilable differences" between the two and hence filed a divorce.

Shaquille pointed out that Shaunie was secretive regarding her assets and specifically those that were titled in her name.

Terms of Shaquille O Neal Divorce Settlement

  • Alimony: 10,000 USD per month
  • Temporary child support: 10,000 USD per month

Shaq made a demand that Shaunie should submit to the lawyers a true accounting of bonds, stocks, funds, money and other securities (inclusive of bearer securities) that she was given in marital status.

During the divorce proceedings, Shaunie demanded spousal support, child support and custody of the four children of this couple. She has permitted visitation rights to Shaq.

The couple had made a prenuptial agreement. If the earnings of Shaq were to be taken into account, then, he earned 20 million USD per year as a member of the Miami Heat. He also received 15 million USD from the endorsements he made in 2007. At the time of the divorce, the couple sold the Miami Beach home that earned them 32 million USD.

Just a few days prior to filing the divorce petition, Shaunie shifted to California. The reason was that the divorce settlement laws in this state were more generous than Florida. Then, Shaq's lawyer argued that the couple had resided in Florida until the divorce and so filed papers to return the proceedings in Florida. On 8th November, Shaunie claimed that she was a resident of California.

Shaq reveals his finances as a part of the divorce settlement

Shaq, during the divorce, disclosed that he earns 1.8 million USD per month and spends 0.875 million in mandatory expenditures. The following figures would make the picture very clear.

  • Child care: 26,500 USD
  • Vacations: 110,505 USD
  • Pets: 2,305 USD
  • Clothing: 17,220 USD
  • Dry cleaning: 6,730 USD
  • Gas: 24,300 USD
  • Car payment for 3 cars: 5,000 USD
  • Cable TV: 1,495 USD
  • Electricity: 10,065 USD
  • Food: 12,775 USD
  • Lawn and Pool maintenance: 1,610 USD
  • Phone bills: 3,345 USD
  • Homeowners insurance: 31,299 USD
  • Mortgages on 3 residences: 156,116 USD

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