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Introduction to Steve Harvey Divorce Settlement

Steve Harvey is a radio personality, entertainer, comedian and actor in the United States. He played a role of a comedian in "The Original Kings of Comedy", a Spike Lee film. He has hosted "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" which is a radio program.

In January 1989, Steve had been to Arlington, Texas for a comedy show. Here, Mary Lee Shackelford was working for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Steve wandered in this store and introduced himself to her. This is how they met.

For 17 years, he was with Mary during which the couple experienced a 10 year marital life. While they were married, Mary gave birth to a son, Wynton, in 1997. The couple got divorced in 2005.

Terms of Steve Harvey Divorce Settlement

  • Child Support given by Steve to Mary: 1,000 USD per month
  • Steve received all property and businesses

Mary Harvey"s outrage against the divorce settlement

In 2007, Mary sued Steve in Harris County District Court for swindling her during the divorce settlement. She alleged that Steve and his lawyer cheated her into a quickie divorce. They intended to hide the following details about her ex husband during the settlement.

  • Adultery
  • Poor and neglectful parenting
  • Physical and mental abuse of Mary

Mary added that during the November 2005 divorce, she was not aware of her rights to hire an independent lawyer. So, she had the same attorney as her husband and he was Ricky Anderson. Ricky convinced her that she was not legally eligible for more than 1000 USD per month as child support. In this way, she was deceived by the lawyer and her ex husband. As a result of all this, she feels that the divorce settlement regarding child support, division of community property and alimony was not just.

Mary has developed an opinion that Ricky sought to attain Steve's interests and safeguard Steve's image in the public eye as "Christian-type, likeable, do good and packaged. Her ex husband and his lawyer attempted to quickly and quietly organize the divorce.

Taking into account the fact that Steve is a millionaire, the divorce settlement has been very measly for Mary. So, Mary stated that her ex swindled her for millions and also committed physical and mental abuse. If the judge would conclude that Steve derisively hid vital data from Mary, then Steve would have to face jail. On 20th December 2007, there was news that the probability of prison has coerced Steve to release money to his ex wife.

Court documents suggested that Steve owns a fortune of 20 million USD. Mary's lawsuit and the nasty allegations made in it had begun to hurt his public image. So, Steve became serious about nullifying the lawsuit. Consequently, he became willing to offer 50 percent of what he owns to settle the case with his ex wife. It is expected that Mary would accept the offer of 10 million USD.

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