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Divorce is a tragic end of a married relationship, but sometimes the reason behind taking a divorce are so strong that there is no other alternative than to take a divorce to end your sufferings. Terry McMillan's divorce settlement was an expensive one but the grounds for the divorce was quite strong to ignite a furor among the masses. Plummer was a gay and this was discovered after a long married relationship with Terry. This was the ground on which the divorce was taken. It is always necessary in a married relationship that the couple do not cheat each other by lying about their physical interests. When opting for divorce, a lawyer should be appointed so that he can explain all the relevant things that should be done in order to take a divorce from the partner.

Even celebrities have to go through the pain of divorce and them have to pay a fortune to rectify their fault. It should be made sure by the couple that they investigate thoroughly about their partners before tying knots with each other.

Introduction to Terry McMillan Divorce Settlement

Terry McMillan is a renowned author in the United States. When she was 16, she worked at a library where she developed interest in books. In 1986, she completed a BA in journalism at Berkeley. She has a liking to write for women characters and women empowerment and that is why the books that she has written comprise of typical female central characters.

Terry met Jonathan Plummer in Jamaica, which is the place where Jonathan Plummer resides. This was the time when both came close and love was in the air.

In 1998, Terry was in her mid 40s and at this age, she married Jonathan Plummer, who was in his early 20s. After marriage, Terry wrote a book titled, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." The love interest of the main character in this book was inspired by Jonathan.

Unfortunately Terry's life did not shape as per the movie that was developed from the book, "How Stella...". In December 2004, Jonathan hinted Terry that he was gay. As a consequence of this information, Terry filed for divorce. At this time, McMillan was 55 years old and Plummer was 32. The revelation of the fact that Jonathan was a gay, changed things for the couple and that is when both of them parted ways from each other.

Terms of Terry McMillan Divorce Settlement

There are certain terms and conditions set when filing a divorce. The partners are expected to follow all the set rules so as to get a divorce as easily as possible. The appointed lawyers talk to both the partners and set these rules as per the requirement of the case. Some of the terms that were set in Terry McMillan divorce settlement are:

  • It was decided that Terry should pay Jonathan 50,000 USD. Thus, this divorce settlement turned out to be very favorable for McMillan.

  • McMillan revealed that she had a valid prenuptial agreement that states that no legal fees and no spousal support would be paid to Plummer.

Terry announced that her divorce was finalized officially on October 4, 2005. She also said that her life was spinning inside of a hellish holding pattern for 9 months and she had freed herself . Her ex was also free to live in a manner that he thought would be appropriate, she added.

In March 2007, Terry said that Plummer and his lawyer were adhering to an intentional tactic to humiliate and embarrass her during the divorce process. So, she sued Plummer and his lawyer for 40 million USD. The court papers that she filed comprised of the following information.

  • Jonathan stole 10,000 USD in artwork from her home
  • Jonathan embezzled 60,000 USD from Terry's checking account
  • He kept his homosexuality a secret from her with the aim of obtaining citizenship
  • He was involved in crimes and spoke lies during the divorce procedures
  • He blackmailed her with the intention of manipulating her to sign a generous divorce settlement

Happenings in this divorce case

Jonathan informed Terry that he was enticed only towards males. So, he desired a divorce and a generous divorce settlement. Terry was reluctant for any payment. At this juncture, the media brutally attacked Terry. The media made a point that Terry was callous towards her husband.

The truth is, it is not fair to marry a person, if your sexual interest and love interest is not with that person. This is applicable for homosexuals as well as heterosexual individuals. Terry decided to prove this point and stressed that the media campaign aimed at causing more emotional pain for her. She also stressed that an attempt was being made to extort more money from him than Jonathan was otherwise eligible for.

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