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Even though it is a known fact that by nature, men, or rather, we may put it as mankind as a whole, are polygamous by nature. No person wants to intentionally hurt their spouse due to this polygamous behavior of theirs. Though the reasons are many why people stray away from the path of being loyal to one partner in a marriage, the affects of this veering away from the right path can be disastrous at times, leading to a complete break up of the institution of marriage between the married couple. Having a voluntary sexual relationship with another person who is not his or her spouse, then it is referred to as adultery on the part of the person. That is, the person has voluntarily cheated on his or her spouse without the latter's knowledge. Of course, no person would desire to continue living in the same house under the same roof with someone whom they have lost their trust. And then the only option that appears the best for the one who has been cheated is to think of going for a divorce, With the introduction of technology into our lives, especially the internet, which is believed to have caused more harm than help, the cases of getting engaged in flirtatious acts and eventually the indulgence of adultery has greatly increased the adultery divorce statistics with the passage of time.

Some facts regarding Adultery Divorce Statistics

As per the United Nations World Fertility Reports released in 2003, 89 percent of all individuals in the country get married before completing their 49th birthday. However, it should not be assumed that all these marriages adhere to monogamy. It has been found out that 80 to 85 percent of societies permit the practice of polygamous marriages. It has been found that a majority of men in the society cannot afford to have several wives, and therefore, the average society marriage comprises of one man and one woman.

It is a difficult task to collect controlled and honest adultery statistics. However, it has been detected that 30 to 40 percent of adultery victims are men while 60 to 70 percent of them are women. Adultery is on the rise due to modern technology and easily willing sex partners, and one can therefore guess that the statistics would not decelerate anytime in the near future. In modern days, adultery is one of the greatest reasons for divorce.

Poll results revealing Adultery Divorce Statistics

A poll of 0.137 million women was conducted to know adultery statistics and the result was -

  • About 36 percent women suspected their spouse for adultery,
  • Almost 55 percent women had caught their spouse committing adultery red-handed and
  • 7 percent women were of the opinion that their spouse had never cheated on them.

A poll of 8,495 women was executed and this resulted as under -

  • 19 percent of the women were of the opinion that adultery is immoral and hence they would not indulge in it.
  • 24 percent of the women refused to commit adultery as they had high respect for their husbands
  • 12 percent of the women were willing for adultery, but they would feel guilty for performing it and
  • 45 percent of the women were ready for adultery, if they could get away with it.

4,219 votes were collected to know how many men, one woman was dating -

  • 7 percent replied that they were dating 4 or more men,
  • 3 percent divulged that they were dating 3 men,
  • 9 percent said that they were dating 2 men,
  • 36 percent revealed that they were dating 1 man and
  • 43 percent women were dating none.

6,448 women voted to the question how the morality of men had changed over the past 5 years regarding the issue of character, integrity and values -

  • 3 percent women voted that men have more morality now
  • 6 percent women were of the opinion that it seems that those characters no longer matter
  • 8 percent women replied that the morality is somewhat less.
  • 83 percent women replied men having much less morality than they had 5 years back.
  • 8 percent women replied that the morality is somewhat less.

Now, as regards the question, "Should adultery be prosecuted in courts?", 67 percent of those questioned replied 'Yes' and 33 percent replied 'No.'

However, it has been found out that even after the process of divorce is over, the cheating spouse only in rare cases marry their lover. Hence, one should look at all the perspective before cheating one's spouse and entering into the wrong relationship; it is better to spare a thought.

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