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As per the latest report that has been published by the United States of America Census, it has been revealed that the rate of divorces taking place among the men and the women all around the country is different from one region to the other. The findings revealed of this report have contradicted all the earlier statistics on this topic that suggested a few other reasons for this menace. The data required to undertake this survey was collected in the year 2009 by the American Community Survey, and it was published in the form of a new article under the heading of Marital Events of Americans, 2009. According to the statistics shown by this article, the greatest percentage of divorces among men and women in the nation are to be found in the southern part of it, while the least percentage of divorces can be seen in the Northeast. This data collected in this year2009, is the latest for which a statistics is available on this subject of divorce. The Alaska Divorce Statistics show that the percentage of divorces taking place in this particular state is among the top ten in the nation.

Overall Alaska Divorce Statistics

Year Number of Divorces Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
1990 3248 5.9
1991 3021 5.3
1992 3720 6.3
1993 3621 6.1
1994 3417 5.7
1995 3175 5.3
1996 3093 5.1
1997 3201 5.3
1998 3393 5.5
1999 3192 5.1
2000 2906 4.6
2001 3113 4.9
2002 3008 4.7
2003 2903 4.5
2004 2876 4.4
2005 2896 4.4
2006 2843 4.2
2007 2916 4.3

Area-wise Alaska Divorce Statistics for the year 2007

As per the statistics released by the United States of America Census, the difference in the percentage of divorces taking place among the men and the women can be cited to a couple of factors. The first of these is the fact that as compared to the longevity of men, women have a greater average life span, and further they have an inclination to get married to men senior to them in age. Quite opposed to this, the statistics reveal that the rate of divorces among men are higher due to the fact that men are more likely to remarry as compared to women and with their increased number of marriages, the number of divorces also tend to be higher.

Census Area or Borough Number of Resident Males who have divorced Number of Resident Females who have divorced
Aleutians East 3 2
Aleutians West 8 5
Anchorage 1066 1125
Bethel 14 15
Bristol Bay 1 2
Denali 5 8
Dillingham 4 2
Fairbanks Northstar 452 463
Haines 9 7
Juneau 79 96
Kenai Peninsula 166 169
Ketchikan Gateway 62 65
Kodiak Island 41 46
Lake and Peninsula 1 2
Matanuska-Susitna 321 331
Nome 15 19
North Slope 8 10
Northwest Arctic 11 9
Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan 11 13
Sitka 35 38
Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon 6 3
Southeast Fairbanks 24 26
Valdez-Cordova 32 26
Wade Hampton 2 3
Wrangell-Petersburg 13 13
Yakutat 1 0
Yukon-Koyukuk 9 6

This statistics on the rate of divorces in the various regions in Alaska reveal that the number of divorces taking place in the state is high beyond expectations and is therefore the reason why Alaska as a whole, ranks among the top ten states of the nation where the rate of divorces take place every month or every year. One reason cited for this is that the individuals who tend to marry do not stay with one another for a certain duration of time and test their compatibility as is done by other individuals in the other states of the country. But all said and done, at the end of the day it is the rate of divorces which matter and any measure taken to ensure that it does not occur so frequently is something worth doing for the objective has to be to bring about a decrease in the rate of divorces taking place in the state.

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