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The recent havoc of divorce has led to the spurt in the statistics of it, and this trend is not limited to merely a few countries of the globe, even though there are exceptions in some. That is to say, universally all throughout the nations of the world the statistics of divorce has seen a rise and more and more families are witnessing broken homes, and the society seems to be heading towards an era of marital dissatisfaction and unhappiness. These days neither the husband nor the wife are willing to compromise and step aside on their beliefs with each sticking to his/her and believing it to be right. Besides, the recent economic recession which has compelled many women to go and work to make ends meet for their families has led to the development of the independent frame of mind set in the women, making them misinterpret its meaning completely. The women in the modern times believe that to be called independent they need to be away from the bondage of being under the same roof and letting the man lead the family. Rather they believe they can do equally well without the presence of the man in their lives, making them opt for a break up, or a divorce or a separation from their partners. We hardly have the quality time these days to devote to discussions to solve issues amicably and before late, things seem to fall apart and the best option then seems to be nothing but a divorce. However more than the spouses involved, it is the child or the children who have to bear the brunt of such a breakup of the union between their parents more, with a few of them retaining permanent problems with adjustment throughout their lives. The United States of America being the most developed nation in the world only speaks of more a reason why the statistics of divorce in the country is something to pay serious attention to. Colorado, being in the same nation is one among the many states where the statistics of divorce is at a dangerously higher trend as aptly revealed by the Colorado Divorce Statistics.

Highlights of Colorado Divorce Statistics

  • For a given day in Colorado, there are on an average 56 divorces and 96 marriages,
  • Since 1950, more than 0.773 million divorces and more than 1.5 million marriage have been recorded in this state and
  • The divorce rate of this state in 2003 was the least in 34 years, which is a heartening fact to have been observed in that year.

Reasons why Colorado Divorce Statistics show a high divorce rate Even though it has not been possible to put an end to the same, a few of the reasons why the statistics of divorces taking place in Colorado are extremely high as compared to the other states of the United States of America are cited below:

  • A large percentage of the residents of this state are not natives. They have moved to this state from other states and consequently have no or little support structures,
  • A major section of the population in this state is un- churched. It has been proved by research that those marriages that have a specific faith foundation have a better rate of survival than those marriages where the partners do not observe any particular faith,
  • Most of the population in this state is young and these people are recreationally oriented and do not believe in long-term relationships and
  • This state has one of the highest cohabitation rates and generally cohabitating relations result in failed marriages as has been proved by the statistics.

Some useful results

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2005 4.3
2004 4.4
2003 4.2
2002 4.7
2001 4.7
2000 4.7
1999 No data
1990 5.5

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2006 17,918
January to October 2007 17,641
January to October 2008 17,627

The best thing that can be summarized from the above tables is that there definitely seems to be a silver lining in the cloud now, as the statistics of divorce in the last couple of years has revealed wherein the rate of divorces has come down. The only concern is that this trend needs to be continued by all means.

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