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The evil of divorce does not merely affect the partners involved, but more than anything it brings about untold misery as well as suffering especially to the children. These children of the divorce couples have to bear the brunt of being born into such a family and having been witness to the broken home and relationship between the two most loved persons in the world for them, they find it extremely hard to bear through all these pain and most often than not, a few of these children from the broken families have been seen to register these trauma so deeply in their hearts that they grow up with a lot of abnormalities, especially in mingling with people from the opposite gender. The result of this suffering is that these children grow up to become adults who look at suspicion at people from the opposite gender, and if they get married, they are also victims of divorces. Keeping all these things in mind, the erring couples need to think not merely twice but many times, especially in the cases of the divorces wherein children are involved. Ultimately everything has to be done in the best interests of the children. But then in the modern times, our busy lives with our busy occupation hardly leaves us with sufficient time to devote to take care of the household issues and before long, we find that minor issues have become so big that the only solution to them can be found in the court rooms. Besides, with most of the countries having adopted lenient measures for grating a divorce to the partners, they do not shy away from filing for one. The consequence of this is the couple part ways, much to the horror and shock of the kids. The second obvious reason has been attributed to the tendency of the modern women to adopt a financially independent status, and with this she feels that she does not need to be under the man at her home as well. She knows that with her financial status, she is well in a state to take care of all her daily needs of life as well as take care of the requirements of the children as well. Therefore, even women in the modern times, do not feel threatened to file a case of divorce against their husbands if they feel they are not in a state to compromise with it latter. Moreover, with the easy availability of the options of a second or even a third marriage for that matter, neither of the partners feel the need to remain all alone for the rest of their lives. These factors, especially in the more developed nations of the world has contributed to an increase in the statistics of divorce throughout the world, and especially in the developed nations, with the United States of America facing a severe situation on this. Connecticut, a state in the nation also is seen to fall in this bracket as has been proved by the Connecticut Divorce Statistics.

Facts related to Connecticut Divorce Statistics

In the state of Connecticut, the average divorce rate is about 2.8 per 1,000 population. In the entire country, this is one of the lowest divorce rates. These divorces are either fault divorces or no- fault divorces.

From 1992 to 1994, Connecticut experienced a drop in the divorce rate from 3.1 to 2.8 and it had the second least divorce rate throughout the country. The state with the least divorce rate was Massachusetts and this state's divorce rate decreased to 2.4 in the year 1994 from 2.8 in 1992.

Year Number of Divorces
2000-01 14,301
2001-02 14,418
2002-03 14,425
Period Provisional number of Divorces
January to October 2006 9,384
January to October 2007 9,574
January to October 2008 8,963

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 3.2
2006 3.1
2005 3.0
2004 3.1
2003 3.2
2002 3.3
2001 3.2
2000 3.3
1999 3.0
1995 2.9
1990 3.2

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