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Simply to throw in the towel, it seems, has become the norm of the day, with the couples finding it extremely hard to compromise on many factors regarding the issues in a married life. At the drop of a hat, the partners in a married life today feel like calling it quits, without paying the slightest heed to the consequences that might befall not simply on them, but to all the others who are involved in this institution of marriage. The strange rate at which the divorces are increasing has actually made many of the prospective men and women think not just twice but many times before nodding their heads in agreement to the marriage institution. They obviously fear that it is pointless getting married to someone, only for the same to culminate in a break up, or a divorce or a separation. It is rather better to either stay single or to live in cohabitation, where at least the pain of a split up would not be as much. Gone are the days when the partners are willing to stay together no matter what, by making all the possible adjustments with their better halves, who were actually better in their eyes. Today, it is more of a question of 'me' than 'we', with even women not falling behind in any way, when it comes to calling the shots. To break apart from each other was something unheard and un thought of by people in the earlier times. Come what may, the earlier partners were happy together in the same house and under the same roof, surfacing over the problems of life, holding their hands together. This is something which is not unique to only a few places, with the trend being noticed more in the developed nations than the others. However, none of the nations have been spared from this havoc. The developed countries, exposing busier lives for the individuals are more prone to witness a rise in the statistics of the divorces than the others. People in these countries hardly have time to devote to solve the household issues, and soon it is found that even comparatively smaller issues become bigger with the passage of time, and then the only option left is to solve it in the court room. Even children become scapegoats of this havoc, since their parents hardly have enough time to devote for taking care of them. The second reason is the independent attitude that women in the modern times are seen to embrace, which has made them to believe and feel that they are simply not dependent on their better halves to take care of their daily needs of life. This tendency has made women not feel threatened to file for a divorce against their husbands, rather than compromising even on the home front, and letting the man take the lead, which they find it extremely hard to compromise upon. Women realize this folly much later in their lives, when they witness the trauma the children from the broken homes go through in the absence of their father. Besides, these children are also witnessed to have had a lot of behavioral problems in mingling with other people in a normal manner. The United States of America, believed to be the most developed nation in the world has seen more of these problems than any other nation. The Delaware Divorce Statistics prove that the state of Delaware is no different from the other states, since the rate of divorce cases in this state is also on the rise. to Delaware Divorce Statistics

Facts related to Delaware Divorce Statistics

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 3.7
2006 3.8
2005 3.9
2004 3.7
2003 3.9
2002 3.5
2001 3.9
2000 3.9
1999 4.5
1995 5.0
1990 4.4

Year Divorces + Annulments in Delaware
2004 3,108
2003 3,178
2002 2,792
2001 3,114
2000 3,060
1999 3,482
1998 3,233
1997 3,009
1996 3,405
1995 3,509
1994 3,551
1993 3,175
1992 3,397
1991 3,009
1990 3,034
1989 2,896
1988 3,007
1987 2,939
1986 3,093
1985 2,992
1984 2,907

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