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Parting away of a loved one's is not a common occurrence and most of the times than not, all the thoughts of the times that we had spent with the person keeps lingering in our minds. This is even truer if we share a very special feeling with that person as in the case of a husband or a wife. No one expects to part ways, especially with the person whom they love the most, especially at the start of the married life. However, all the modern expectations of life, as well as the failure to accept the other spouse as a person with varied beliefs and thoughts make it eventually hard on the part of the husband and the wife to share the same roof over their heads. And then the havoc of a break up or a divorce seems to cast its shadow on the joy of the entire family, and not merely the two individuals involved. Of all, the most harm is caused to the child or the children involved. The divorce statistics for the year 2000 in America revealed that 957,200 numbers of divorces were accepted in 2000 and the demography of divorce per 1000 marriages was 18.8 %. In order to find out the causes behind the increasing percentage of divorces in the country, many surveys were conducted and the findings revealed another facet of the rate of divorces taken place. The findings of the surveys showed that the divorce demography per 1000 people was 4.2%with 1.818 million men and 2.661 million women being given divorce. During 2000, 0.913 million fathers and 3.392 million mothers were divorced. What concerned all above everything else is the number of children who would now have to bear the brunt of being raised by a single parent, feeling the absence of the other parent in all their growing years.

Comparison of the states on the basis of the Divorce Statistics for the year 2000

All states in America have been placed in a descending order on the basis of their demography of Divorce per 1000 people.

State Divorce Rate per 1000 population
Nevada 9.6
Vermont 8.6
Arkansas 6.9
Tennessee 6.1
Wyoming 5.9
New Hampshire 5.8
Alabama 5.4
Idaho 5.4
Kentucky 5.4
Florida 5.3
New Mexico 5.3
Mississippi 5.2
West Virginia 5.2
Oregon 5.0
Missouri 4.8
North Carolina 4.8
Washington 4.7
Maine 4.6
Utah 4.5
Alaska 4.4
Arizona 4.4
Ohio 4.4
Virginia 4.3
Delaware 4.2
Texas 4.2
Kansas 4.0
Michigan 4.0
Georgia 3.9
Hawaii 3.9
Nebraska 3.8
Oklahoma 3.7
South Carolina 3.7
South Dakota 3.6
New York 3.4
Iowa 3.3
Maryland 3.3
Wisconsin 3.3
Illinois 3.2
North Dakota 3.2
Pennsylvania 3.2
Minnesota 3.1
New Jersey 3.1
Rhode Island 3.1
Massachusetts 3.0
Montana 2.4
Connecticut 2.0
California no data
Colorado no data
Indiana no data
Louisiana no data

The figures from all these show that there has been an increase in the overall rate of divorces in most of the states of the United States of America, or rather in almost all the parts of the world, which is very disturbing. As a result of this increasing trend of divorces taking place among the couples or the parents of children, there has been an increase in the juvenile behavior of those children who have been a witness to the divorce among the parents. Later on, these children are seen to grow up with a lot of defects in their personality as well, which make them find it hard to believe in the institution of marriage as a whole.

The Divorce Statistics for the year 2000 is a mere testimony to this increasing number of divorces taking place in the modern days. However, more and more people are willing to try out the experience of being married even at a much later stage of their lives and the age limit for this has again been on the rise in the recent years. But it all boils down to how we decide to carry on this journey of being married and whether we are able to accept rather than compromise the other person with all his/her bad as well as good aspects of behavior and personality.

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