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In 1968, the Divorce Act was created and 17 years later in 1985, this Act was re-created. As luck would have it, after the Act was implemented, the rate of divorce has only risen. The divorce laws in Canada became more liberal after the Divorce Act of 1985 as a result of which the percentage of break ups or divorces in the country started to rise.

Divorce Statistics in Canada in terms of the number of divorces taking place

If the period from 1921 to 1995 is taken into account, the following tables records some observations in the descending order of the number of divorces that have taken place all throughout the country.

Year Number of Divorces Divorce Rate per 0.1 million population
1987 96,200 362.3
1990 80,998 295.8
1994 78,880 269.7
1986 78,304 298.8
1995 77,636 262.2
1981 67,671 271.8
1985 61,980 253.6
1969 26,093 124.2
1968 11,343 54.8
1961 6,563 36.0
1941 2,462 21.4
1921 558 6.4

As is clear from this table the percentage of divorce has slightly decreased in the recent times, and it was only during the later part of the 1980s when the rate was at its peak, with the country recording the highest number of divorces having taken place during that period. This decrease in the rate of divorces can be seen as something positive that has happened among the individuals, and there are a few reasons for the same having taken place. One among that is the increase in the youth of the nation living together with one another in a bondage outside marriage, in order to check their compatibility with the other before stepping into the sacred institution. This makes it evident that people these days are not willing to risk entering the institution of marriage prior to a compatibility check with their partners, and this reduces the risk of a break up or a divorce. Thus most of these unions split up much before the marriage takes place. The second reason that can be attributed to a decrease in the percentage of divorces occurring is the late age at which individuals are seen to marry, rather than a young age when there are many factors which lead to the differences among the spouses and at times ultimately leading to a break up or a divorce.

Some facts about Divorce Statistics in Canada

  • 23.6 divorces in the fourth year of marriage, 25.5 divorces in the fifth year, and these number of divorces decrease in the subsequent years
  • After 1 year has passed following a divorce or a separation between the couples or the parents of the child or the children, 50 percent of the children of divorced or separated families do not get an opportunity to see their dads ever again
  • As compared to married men, divorced or separated men belonging to the age group 20 to 64 were 6 times more likely to be ill with depression. In case of women, they are 3.5 times more likely
  • Following a divorce or a marital breakup in the form of a divorce or a separation, 15 percent of the men experienced an economical decline while 43 percent of women had to face the same
  • For every 1000 marriages, there are 5.1 divorces in the second year of marriage, and 17 divorces in the third year
  • For every 1000 marriages, there is less than 1 divorce in the first year of marriage
  • Generally speaking, 1 marriage out of 2 ends up in a divorce or a separation. In other words, the divorce rate in this nation is about 48 percent
  • If divorced women and men are considered, then almost 65 and 75 percent of these remarry respectively
  • If the age group from 35 to 50 is considered, the possibility of remarriage for men is 61 percent and that of women is 48 percent
  • In 1987, it was estimated that 50.6 percent of the total marriages in the country would terminate before completion of 30 years
  • In 2001, there were 71,783 divorces having taken place all across the nation
  • In the year 2000, there were 71,144 divorces in the country and this number dropped to 70,828 in the year 2003
  • Presently, the estimation is that 37.7 percent of the total marriages would end prior to the 30th¬†anniversary
  • The all-time high in the number of divorces was 96,200 in the year 1987
  • The number of divorced Canadians in 2006 was 1.6 million. Out of these 0.9 million were female
  • The possibility of first marriages ending in a break up or a divorce is 50 percent while that of the second and the third marriages is 72 and 85 percent respectively
  • Women initiate 75 percent of divorces in this country.

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