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As Sir Isaac Newton in his third law on the Theory of gravitation has aptly said that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, in the like manner even though in the modern times, we humans might boast of a number of major developments having taken place, but the times are not without its own share of loopholes as well. One such disadvantage of the modern times is the loss of belief of the human beings on each other, resulting in the easy breakup of the marriages and ultimately resulting in the couple opting for divorce. It is a fact well known that the United States of America is the most developed nation in the world from almost all the aspects and is second to none when it comes to especially the fact of economic development. However, with this development has come a lot of disadvantages as well as vices. One such vice is the dangerous growth of the number of marriages ending in a divorce among the couples. It seems that even though it might seem unusual, but the modern lives of people are more to be blamed for this menace than anything else. A lot of stress has been crept into our modern lives and this seems to have affected marriages and relationships more than ever with the present divorce statistics in the United States being analyzed to be approximately 50 percent. It has been projected that if the current trend continues, then, 40 or 50 percent of the marriages would end up in a divorce.

Per capita Divorce Statistics in America

Year Divorce Rate (in percent)
2004 0.37
2003 0.38
2002 0.38
2001 0.40
2000 0.41
1999 0.41
1998 0.42
1997 0.43
1996 0.43
1995 0.46
1994 0.46
1993 0.46
1992 0.48
1991 0.47

How children affect Divorce Statistics in America

Children Divorce Rate (in percent)
Present 40
Absent 66

Divorce Statistics and instance of Marriage

Instance of Marriage Percent of marriages that end in divorce
First 45 to 50
Second 60 to 67
Third 70 to 73

Some other statistics

Instance of Divorce Mean age of males in years Mean age of females in years
First 30.5 29
Second 39.3 37

  • 10 percent of the American population is divorced,
  • After being divorced for the very first time, males wait for around 3.3 years and 3.1 years are spent by females for remarrying,
  • Average duration of divorce proceedings = 1 year,
  • Nevada State has the greatest divorce rate at 9.1 every 1000 population,
  • Massachusetts State has the least divorce rate at 2.4 out of 1000 people,
  • Couples who have an annual income of even less than USD 0.25 million bear a 50% chance of being divorced or separated,
  • Women marrying even before attaining an age of 25, comprise 64% of all divorces in the United States,
  • Women marrying in their late 20s comprise 16% of all divorces in America,
  • 25% of adults experience a minimum of 1 divorce during the course of their life
  • 11 southern states comprising of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas, had an average of 5.1 divorces out of a population of 1000 and
  • As compared with other faith groups, the divorce rate amongst conservative Christians was considerably more.

How the 20th century has fared?

After the World War II, the divorce rate in the United States suddenly increased and reached a peak from where it declined for some period. In the 1960s, it increased at a slower speed and this speed further increased in the 1970s. During the 1980s, the percentage of divorce had a more or less constant value and in the 1990s it dropped slightly.

On observing this, the following conclusions were made in the 20th century:

  • American youth preferred a lifestyle in which they could live with their partner for a temporary period of time in what can be termed as an informal trial marriage. Such relationships often did not stand the test of time though,
  • The number of committed couples, who intended to adhere to a common law relationship instead of getting married, increased (and is increasing day by day) and
  • The number of individuals, who generally preferred to enter into their first marriage at an older age, increased.

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