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Compared to most other countries of the world, India is one which boasts of having civilizations as early as the Harappan and the Mohenjodaro. Therefore, it comes as no shock to know that the custom of man and woman uniting together through the institution of marriage also began in this land from a long time, much before the other places. But what comes as a relief to the optimists of marriage and those who believe in the sanctity of the institution is that there are not as much of divorces or break ups taking place in India as in the other parts of the world. In fact, the divorce statistics in India is lesser than most of the countries in the world. Out of 1,000 marriages, it has been found out that 11 marriages head for a divorce. In 1990, it was even lesser when a mere 7.4 of them among 1,000 marriages headed for a divorce or a separation. Another aspect is that the divorce rate is comparatively higher in cities and lower in rural areas.

However, Indian cities have experienced an increasingly higher divorce rate. Delhi, faced two times a higher rate of divorce in five years. Another city, Bangalore, saw three times the rate in the last four years. If we bear in mind that India is a traditional country, it is a matter of concern to see the increase in divorces.

Affect of IT rush on India Divorce Statistics

Most of the outsourcing is done to India. In fact, the IT industry has come up with lucrative jobs and fat pay packages for people. As irony would have it, with the increase in the number of jobs in IT sector, divorces of people in this industry are also on the rise. Bangalore has the greatest number of jobs in the IT sector. The increase in divorce cases in Bangalore can be found out from the given table:

Year Number of Divorce cases in Bangalore
2003 283
2004 526
2005 946
2006 1,246

It has been found out that increase in divorces has happened because of the following causes:

  • Economical security
  • Erratic working hours
  • Financial independence
  • No time to spend with the members of the family
  • Work pressure and stress

The Chairperson of the State Women's Commission said that in a large number of divorces, problem arises from a dissatisfied physical relation. As most of the people in the IT sector have to constantly look at the computer monitor for a long duration of time, impotency occurs to them. Even stress of jobs can be blamed for the same.

Another city in IT sector in the western part of the country is Pune. In 2006, there were 150 divorce cases each month. In the following year, it became 240 divorces every month. Almost half of them were as per mutual consent and the rest were based on unilateral consent.

Affect of the Independent attitude of Women on Divorces in India

Indian women are fast becoming educated and becoming bread earners in the recent years. As a result of this, they have become independent and non-adjusting to the conservative attitude. As they explore more opportunities, divorces are increasing at an alarming rate. The women of modern India, in the same manner as their counterparts in the more developed nations of the world, want to have the freedom of earning and not doing the household chores which seem to them as mundane tasks and something to be done only by homemakers or somebody who lacks education. They seem to have forgotten the basic ideals of a country rooted in culture and tradition, thereby leading to uneasy and unpleasant situations in the family front and ultimately leading to a divorce or a separation between the spouses. With the country now showing a bleaker picture regarding the prospects of marriages lasting more and more, it is a matter of concern whether individuals, especially in India do not misunderstand and relate being modern with not compromising on their freedom. It is high time that all who suffer from these kind of wrong notions go for a reality check and get to know the real meaning.

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