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The rate of divorces taking place among the people of the United States of America saw a steep rise immediately after the World War Two, after which it saw a bit of a decline in the years to follow. Then in the 1960s it started rising again and more so in the 1970s and went on till it reached a point of equality in the 1980s. However, the best part of the whole news is that in the recent times, the trend is that of a decreasing one, which can be attributed to a number of factors. The most important factor for the decrease in the rate of break ups among the couples is as we might all expect not the development of a better level of understanding on the part of the individuals involved in the institution of a marriage, but a few other factors. The common thing that is followed by the youth of the American society these days is to live together for a certain duration of time in a kind of bondage which is better referred to as cohabitation. This is done to check out the compatibility among the couple and in most cases than not, these hardly culminate in the form of a marriage. Besides, people these days prefer to get united in the bond of a marriage at a much later age in life, when they are in a much better position to take care of the basic necessities of theirs as well as others, thereby decreasing the chances of a divorce to take place. Another trend that is more in vogue these days is to live together under the same roof bound together by some common-law relationship rather than get married. All these have decreased the chances of a divorce. But even after the occurrence of all these factors, there still exist a lot of differences as far as the divorce statistics of different religions is concerned.

3 tables have been furnished below that indicate the divorce rates of the various groups of the Christian faith

Divorce rate in percent
Catholics and Lutherans 21
Presbyterians 23
Methodists 26
Episcopalians 28
Pentecostals 28
Baptists 29
Non-denomination Christians 34

In the below mentioned tables, the term "frequent" indicates those who attend church once in a week. The results are restricted to the United States of America alone and does not take in to consideration any other country of the world.

Divorce rate in percent
Frequent Catholics 23
Frequent Mainline Protestants 32
All Frequent Christians 32
Frequent Evangelicals 34
Frequent other Religions 38
Jews 39
Non-frequent Catholics 41
Divorce rate in percent
All Christians 41
Non-frequent Mainline Protestants 42
Frequent Black Protestants 47
Non-frequent other religions 48
All non-Christians 48
Atheists and Agnostics 51
Non-frequent Evangelicals 54
Non-frequent Black Protestants 58

Divorce Statistics of different Religions - the Islam faith

Among the next largest group of religious followers in the United States of America are the followers of the Islam faith, which otherwise comprise of almost half of the population of religious followers in the world. The Islam community which has shifted in the West in the recent past is showing more incidences of divorce than ever in all the previous years that have passed. It has been concluded that in North America, 1 out of 3 Muslim marriages would terminate in a separation. The State University of New York has a sociology professor named Dr. Ilyas Ba-Yunus, who has concluded after sufficient research that the Muslims in North America have a divorce rate of 31 percent.

There exists a 37 percent Muslim divorce rate in California and a 30 percent Muslim divorce rate in Ontario, New York and Texas. Thus, it can be concluded that the divorce rate amongst the followers of the Islam faith is also alarming.

Divorce Statistics of different religions - the Hindus in the United States

Only 5 percent of the Hindus who are present in the United States have been divorced. This is the least divorce rate of any group in this country. The likelihood that a Hindu would be married is 78 percent and would be married to another Hindu is 90 percent.

Divorce Statistics of different religions - the Mormons

In the case of the Mormons, the divorce rate is 24 percent. Also, the possibility that a Mormon would be married is 71 percent and that they would be married to another Mormon is 83 percent.

Judaism looks up to break up as a fact of life and the rate of divorce among this group of religious followers is 30 percent.

From the above information all it can be summarized is that the rate of divorce as a whole has been on the rise in the world, irrespective of the religion the couples opting for a break up follow. In view of this, it can be said is that there needs to be a bit of reconciliation before opting for a separation on the part of the couples, for the damage it causes to those involved is enormous.

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