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Just like any other nation of the world, the United Kingdom too has seen a rise in the rate of divorces that is taking place among the married couples. As per the records in the United Kingdom, there were 148,141 divorces in 2006 and this number decreased to 144,220 in 2007. This led to a decrease of 2.6 percent for the very first time. There had been a constant rise in the divorce rate since 1977, when there were 138,445 divorces. In 1993 the number of divorces reached a height of 180,018 and further plummeted by 20 percent till 2007.. In the year 2010, the number of divorce cases in England and Wales was as much as 119,589, with a record increase of 4.9 percent since the previous year, 2009, when the number of divorces was recorded 113, 949.

  • A strange phenomenon observed in the survey found that the age group of the individuals among whom the percentage of divorce was the highest was among people aged between 40 to 44 years of age.
  • In the year 2009, the rate of divorces among a 100 people was 10.5 which rose to 11.1 in the following year.
  • In the year 1995, as much as 33 per cent of all the marriages had ended in a divorce by the time the couple reached their 15th anniversary, as compared to a mere 22 per cent in the year 1970.

Divorce Statistics in the UK – England and Wales

In England and Wales, it was recorded that there were 11.9 divorcing people per 1000 married individuals in 2007. This was lesser than the previous year, which recorded a 12.2 figure in 2006. In 2007, in the age group of 25 to 29, there were 26.9 divorces amongst a thousand married women and 26.6 divorces amongst a thousand married men. This was the 5th  consecutive year, when both women and men of this age group recorded the maximum divorce rates amongst all the 5-year age groups.

In case of men, the average age for divorce was 40.2 years in 1997 and this increased to 43.7 years in 2007. Similarly, the average age for divorce of women was 37.7 years in 1997 which rose to 41.2 years in 2007.

In 1980, out of 10 men and women divorcing, one had a prior marriage ending in a break up or a divorce. Within a span of 27 years, this value was doubled. Thus, in 2007, out of 5 men and women divorcing, one had a prior marriage ending in a break up or a divorce. In the same year, 69 % of the total divorces were of couples whose marriage was the first one for both parties.

The wife was granted a divorce in 68 % of the total divorce cases filed. The most common fact noticed amongst all the divorces granted to an individual was their demeanor. The provisional number of divorces in 2007 were 0.128 million which were 3 percent less as compared with the year 2006.

Divorce Statistics in the UK - Northern Ireland and Scotland

In Northern Ireland, 2,565 provisional divorces were recorded in 2006 and this number rose to 2,913 in 2007. The scenario in Scotland during this period was the opposite. In 2006, 13,014 divorces took place and this number dropped to 12,773 in 2007.

Comparisons of Divorce Decrees in England and Wales

2001 1991 1981
Absolute Decree granted to both 198 393 508
Absolute Decree granted to wife 98,992 113,947 102,170
Absolute Decree granted to husband 44,378 43,961 42,085
Decree of Nullity 250 444 950

Detailed Statistics of England and Wales

2001 Number of Wives divorcing 2001 Number of Husbands divorcing 1991 Number of Wives divorcing 1991 Number of Husbands divorcing 1981 Number of Wives divorcing 1981 Number of Husbands divorcing
More than 60 years 3,693 6,580 3,199 5,454 3,748 5,440
50 to 59 age group 15,905 21,585 10,543 15,408 9,805 13,774
45 to 49 age group 15,501 18,048 13,607 16,896 9,902 12,767
40 to 44 age group 23,190 25,470 21,979 25,199 15,276 18,187
35 to 39 age group 31,164 31,322 25,661 27,957 22,459 24,688
30 to 34 age group 31,489 27,480 33,195 33,532 31,104 33,064
25 to 29 age group 18,231 11,713 35,582 27,753 33,299 29,114
20 to 24 age group 4,546 1,607 14,639 6,477 19,812 8,615
Less than 20 years 97 11 321 50 283 39

From all the above statistics it can be concluded that whatever be the reasons, even though it comes as a relief to see that the rate of divorces taking place among the individuals has decreased in the case of a certain age group, there has been an increase in the average percentage of divorces occurring in the United Kingdom. This calls for a reality check on the people of the modern times to know what makes the people in the modern era take such decisions without at the spur of the minute when the thought of splitting apart was out of question among the ancient people.

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