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Many people come together in the institution of a marriage with the sole aim and expectation to share all their joys and sorrows together, and they make many promises to each other to spend the rest of their lives together in the same house and under the same roof come what may. They have the belief that they can sail through all the adversities of their married life holding onto the hand of the person they love the most, and having a shoulder to lean onto in times of despair. Everything appears to be going great till the time when they realize that they are simply not meant to be with one another and the slightest compromise calls for a lot of pain, and then the partners feel that it is better to drop the curtains on their marriage and part ways from one another. All peace between the people is lost, and the best solution that gives them solace is to live away from each other. This mentality is seen to be more on the rise, also due to the fact that these days there is an easy availability of the option of going for a second or even a third marriage for that matter. Our busy modern lives has made it really impossible for us to have enough quality time to devote for solving the issues at home, and before long we find that smaller problems have turned so huge that the only solution then left before us is to let the marriage come to an end by filing for a divorce or a separation from one's better half. The worst sufferers in this case of divorces are the children who have to bear through all the pain and trauma, retaining it for the rest of their lives at times, which make them impossible to grow normally compared to the other children of their age. They have difficulties in mingling especially with people of the opposite gender and in case they get married, they too are at risk of going through divorces in their own lives, for they lose the trust in the institution of marriage as a whole. Another reason that the rate of divorces has seen a rise in the recent years more than ever before is the fact that the modern women today believe that they can manage to live even in the absence of the man in their lives with women being financially stable with the ability to look after their children as well, which is not completely wrong to some extent. But what is most dangerous is that the development of this attitude has made modern women easily opt for a separation at the drop of a hat without compromising on most factors which the women of the earlier times would have done. With modernity and development touching its peak in the United States of America, it also unfortunately has one of the greatest number of divorce cases all throughout the world, and Florida, a state in the country is equally in a dangerous state as any other state in the nation. And the worst part of the story is that the rate has only increased in the recent years with no signs of receding.

In fact as per the findings of a survey on the rate of divorces in Florida, it was indicated that as much as 50,000 couples had filed for a divorce way back in the year 2005. This is a total which is more than the total number of divorces having found among all the states in the Northern Midwest. As per the findings of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), of all the cities in the country, it is Panama City in Florida which has the greatest percentage of the married population divorced at 15.5 As per the records obtained from the courts, it was revealed that as many as 1066 residents of the state of Florida had applied for a divorce in the year 2009. However, it is not just Panama City in the state of Florida that is responsible for the high rate of divorce because there are four other cities in the state which rank among the top 10 cities where the rate of divorces are highest, and as many as a total number of 11 cities are among the top 50 cities where the rate of divorces are more. It was found in another survey conducted by the US Census Bureau in the year 2009 on 1000 men and women above the age of 15 that the rate of divorce was 8.5 and 9.9 for men and women as regards the national, regional as well as the state divorce rate. On trying to find out the reason behind this high rate of divorces in Florida, it was found out by Dr. Joel Prather, an eminent marriage counselor that unlike expected by individuals who come over to the state to enjoy its tropical and warm climate, believing that it would be good for them to get rid of all their personal as well as professional issues, it is not the truth. This is because of the fact that the problems and issues faced by the couples can only be solved through negotiations, mutual understanding and pondering over the major cause that had led to a drift in the couple's marriage.

Effect of Live the Life program on Florida Divorce Statistics

Florida has a high divorce rate compared to other states in the United States. The taxpayers are burdened with almost 2 billion USD per year due to these divorces. A program named "Live the Life" was started before the millennium with an intention of decreasing the divorce statistics in the state. Richard Albertson was the Founding President of this program.

The current divorce statistics are an evidence of the success of this program. In a span of 10 years, Leon County witnessed a drop of 29.6 percent in the divorce rate. In 2007, when the number of divorces in this county plummeted to less than a thousand, it was the first instance in about 20 years that such a data was recorded.

Some relevant data

Year Florida Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 4.6
2006 4.8
2005 4.6
2004 4.8
2003 5.0
2002 5.1
2001 5.2
2000 5.1
1999 5.1
1995 5.5
1990 6.3

Period Provisional number of divorces in Florida
January to October 2006 72,274
January to October 2007 72,744
January to October 2008 71,043

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