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People unite through a marriage with a lot of expectations and wishes thinking that come what may they would spend all their life together with their loved one, sailing through all the difficulties of life with love. They expect and hope that they would have a hand to hold onto during times of despair as well as a shoulder to lean onto in times of pain and suffering. They believe that even in the worst of circumstances they would not part ways, and stick together. But in the modern times, the distractions are too many, especially the fact that there are easy options available to mingle with people of the opposite gender and have the options of a remarriage open again. This has made most of the people file for a divorce at the drop of a hat when they feel that things are not working in their favor, and they find it hard to compromise with their partners on all the issues. This filing of the divorce or for separation means the end of all the promises that the partners had made to each other when walking down the aisle or not living up to the vows that they had exchanged at the altar at the time of getting married to each other. They simply find it impossible to live with one another in the same house and under the same roof. There seems to be simply no means left for the two partners to live together with one another in the same place, and then it appears as if the best possible solution is to call it quits and drop the curtains on their marriage. There are some reasons for the growth of the number of divorce cases in the world and the first of these is the lack of time of the modern people to devote for solving the issues, especially at the home front and as time passes, it is seen that these smaller issues become so big that the only way left is to approach a court for dissolving the marriage and going for a separation between the couples. Especially issues connected with the children need a lot of time on the part of the parents, and if these are not given the due amount of time, then it is only natural that the children would suffer the most in this case. The independent frame of mind that has been adopted by the modern women has been seen as the other culprit in the increase of the rate of divorce cases throughout the world, and especially in the developed nations where there are more opportunities for work for women. With their financial independence, women these days have come to feel that they do not require the assistance of a man in their lives to look after their daily needs of life, and therefore they do not feel threatened to file for a divorce against their husbands when they feel that they cannot carry on with them anymore. Women are not willing to step back and allow the man to take the lead at the home front since they do not fell that they are less capable than the former in any way. The United States of America being one of the most developed countries of the world, also unfortunately has one of the greatest rate of divorces in the world, and the state of Georgia, is no exception to this rule as has been aptly proved by the Georgia Divorce Statistics. It has been pointed out that almost every marriage in the nation would at some point of time or the other culminate in a divorce, and this trend is more to be seen in the southern part of the country. This is due to the fact that as compared to the other parts of the nation, the number of marriages in the southern part of the nation is also higher, and hence the rate of divorce cases are also high. What most of the couples is this part of the nation fail to realize is that simply to exchange vows at the altar is not enough; what need to be done is to have a strong will to make the marriage work, no matter what. It requires a lot of dedication on the part of the couples to pass through all the trials and tribulations holding their hands together.

Reasons of the rising Georgia Divorce Statistics

When Georgia had recorded 2.5 divorces in a population of thousand in 2002, it became ranked as a state with one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. If all the states in the United States were arranged in descending order to check the divorce rates, then Georgia was ranked 47th out of 50. From 2004 to 2009, the number of divorces in this state decreased by 33 percent, but marriages decreased by 42 percent. Consequently, the overall divorce rate in Georgia increased.

The rising divorce rate in Georgia may be attributed to 3 factors:

  • Early marriage
  • Less education
  • Less income

Some relevant data

Year Georgia Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 No data
2006 No data
2005 No data
2004 No data
2003 3.2
2002 2.5
2001 3.1
2000 3.3
1999 4.1
1995 5.1
1990 5.5

Period Provisional number of divorces in Georgia
January to October 2006 No data
January to October 2007 No data
January to October 2008 No data

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