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It may not be that a formal break up or a separation between the couples is the only seemingly end of the relationship between them. Many a times we also hear of and see instances wherein the couple or the husband and the wife are unhappy in the company of one another, and for some reason or the other, most of the times because of the children, they are forced to live together with one another in the same house. But, at times, this becomes impossible and the only option then left is to go for a formal break up, between the partners, which in most of the cases, brings despair to even the other individuals involved in the union, mostly the child or the children. But because of the fact that these days even women, are working equally as men, whether in the home front or at work, and have an independent frame of mind which they have been encouraged to adopt by the social thinkers of our times, there are more cases of divorces than ever before. This is due to the reason that today's woman feel and know that she does not require the assistance of the man in her life to take care of her needs of daily life, which she is very much in a position to cater to. Besides this, with both the man as well as the woman of the house working, there is hardly any time left to spend qualitatively at time, devoting adequate time for the development of the children, with the result that even the children are seen to have troubled times coping without the required assistance of their parents. This speaks for the growing number of children with various problems, which were unknown in the earlier times. These problems are more to be seen in the developed nations of the world than the other nations. The United States of America leads the race in this and Iowa, a state in the Midwestern part of the nation, is no exception to this trend as has been aptly revealed by the Iowa Divorce Statistics.

Iowa Divorce Statistics from 1st Jan 2004 to 6th Jan 2008

The number of divorce cases having taken place in the state of Iowa, which has been popularly referred to as the "American Heartland", from the time period between the of January 1, 2004 to the of January 6, 2008 has been illustrated in the form of a table as given below:

County Number of Divorces

County Number of Divorces
Polk 6,302
Linn 3,014
Scott 2,390
Black Hawk 1,730
Woodbury 1,625
Pottawattamie 1,577
Johnson 1,056
Dubuque 949
Story 898
Muscatine 859
Clinton 798
Lee 771
Des Moines 770
Wapello 766
Dallas 765
Marshall 743
Warren 672
Cerro Gordo 659
Webster 658
Jasper 646
Boone 552
Marion 552
Mahaska 430
Benton 317
Plymouth 315
Washington 314
Henry 307
Poweshiek 295
Jefferson 292
Bremer 289
Clay 271
Carroll 269
Hardin 265
Buchanan 262
Madison 257
Jones 254
Buena Vista 248
Fayette 247
Jackson 245
Page 242
Union 239
Crawford 238
Winneshiek 238
Cass 237
Tama 235
Appanoose 234
Hamilton 231
Floyd 227
Cedar 224
Clayton 224
Sioux 223
Mills 217
Harrison 215
Guthrie 213
Dickinson 199
Kossuth 197
Montgomery 194
Shelby 189
Winnebago 189
Humboldt 181
Louisa 181
Iowa 178
O'Brien 164
Butler 162
Wright 159
chickasaw 157
Greene 153
Cherokee 152
Emmet 150
Hancock 149
Keokuk 148
clarke 146
Lucas 144
Franklin 143
Grundy 143
Howard 141
Allamakee 138
Decatur 136
Monroe 132
Delaware 131
Sac 126
Adair 123
Monona 121
Wayne 119
Mitchell 117
Van Buren 115
Worth 115
Fremont 111
Calhoun 108
Pocahontas 106
Davis 104
Lyon 102
Ida 101
Palo Alto 94
Audubon 84
Taylor 83
Adams 73
Osceola 59
Ringgold 54

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population Number of Divorces

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population Number of Divorces
1998 3.5 9,880
1997 3.4 9,712
1996 3.5 10,347
1995 3.7 10,545
1990 3.9 10,913
1980 4.1 11,854
1970 2.5 7,188
1960 1.7 4,559
1950 2.1 5,404
1940 1.9 4,776

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 2.6
2006 2.7
2005 2.7
2004 2.8
2003 2.8
2002 3.1
2001 3.3
2000 3.3
1999 3.3

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