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Human beings unite in the institution of a marriage because it is not possible for them to live alone in the society, away from all the other humans. We constantly need someone or the other to share all our joys and sorrows together, that is to say, to have a hand to hold on to and walk together when the going gets tough, as well as a shoulder to lean on to and have support during such turbulent times. We make promises and exchange vows, with the expectation and hope that we would always stick together with that person through thick and thin, no matter what. However, in modern times, especially with all the distractions that we have with people of the opposite gender easily available whenever one wishes to mingle with them, partners are seen to call it quits and drop the curtains on their marriage at the drop of a hat. No individual is willing to compromise and walk that extra mile to save their marriage. The couples these days do not bother much about the consequences that await them, as well as the other individuals involved in this union, especially children, who have to bear through all these pain and trauma without any fault of theirs. The couples do not shy away from filing for a formal break up or a separation, because the courts nod the agreement for such a decision without much of a hassle. In fact more partners are seen in the modern times to go for a mutual divorce than one in which only one of the partners has filed for a separation. Because of all these, it has become comparatively easier to part ways, and stay away from too much of trouble in getting a separation. One reason for the rise in the statistics of divorce is the lack of quality time on the part of the partners to give for solving their issues at home, and before long, it seems that things are no more the same as before and the only solution left then is to go for a formal break up or a divorce. The second obvious reason for the growth in the rate of divorces has been attributed to the independent frame of mind that the women of the modern times has been encouraged to adopt, and the result of this has been that modern women do not bother much about the absence or the presence of the man in her life, for she is fully aware of the fact that even without his presence, she can well look after all the needs of her daily living. This rise in the statistics can be seen more in the United States of America than in the other nations of the world, and Kansas, a state in the country, is also a glaring example of this as has been aptly proved by the Kansas Divorce Statistics.

Some facts related to Kansas Divorce Statistics

During the 20thccentury, the incidence of divorce in Kansas increased with each decade. From 1951 onwards, the state recorded a dissolution rate (i.e., annulments+divorces) greater than the average rate in the country. However, since 1991, there has been a decline in the Kansas dissolution rate. 42.1 percent of Kansas marriages that terminated in an annulment in 2001, had experienced a marital life of 4 years or less. In the same year, 50 percent of the marriage dissolution were related to only one minor child and overall 9,363 minor children had to suffer the impact of their parents' dissolution.

Comparison of Kansas Divorce Statistics

Year Divorce Rate of Kansas per 1,000 population
2007 3.4
2006 3.1
2005 3.1
2004 3.3
2003 3.3
2002 3.6
2001 3.4
2000 3.6
1999 3.4
1995 4.1
1990 5.0

Period Provisional number of divorces in Kansas
January to October 2008 8,382
January to October 2007 6,891
January to October 2006 7,032

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