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No person desires to live alone, and for this purpose, they constantly seek the company of some or the other individual with whom they desire to share all their thoughts as well as worries together, and share the house and their lives with the person. Towards this, the human beings enter into a wedlock or a formal institution of a marriage, for the purpose of sharing their joys as well as sorrows together with their soul mates. However, many a times we see the break up of the institution due to some or the other reason between the couple or the partners, who are unwilling to compromise on many grounds, and then the only option that is left before them is to call it quits. Couples easily seem to forget all their promises and the vows that they had made to one another at the time of coming together at the altar, without paying heed to even the consequences that might fall upon the other persons who are involved in this institution of their wedlock, especially the child who has to bear the pain and trauma of non agreement between the parents, and then eventually being a witness to their break up. All this has to be borne by the innocent, poor child or the children without any fault of theirs, and at times it has also been observed that they try all their best to make things work out between the couple or their parents. The children of such divorce couples or broken families grow up with a lot of troubles in their growing years, and worst still, at times they retain all these suffering for the rest of their lives, and have problems in mingling with other people of the opposite gender. One reason for the spurt in the statistics of divorces all throughout the globe is the lack of time on the part of the couples to give to each other or to their children, and they hardly have enough time to devote in solving the issues at home with the result that before long, no strategy seems to work, and then the only solution left for them is to drop the curtains on their marriage, without giving a second thought. The second reason for the rise in the number of divorce cases throughout the world can be attributed to the rise in the development of the modern attitude in the women of today, something which makes them feel and not acknowledge the presence of a man in their lives. Today, women know that come what may, with their financial independence they are well in a state to cater to all their daily needs of life. All these reasons have led to the increase in the divorces all throughout the world, and the United States of America can be said to lead the race in this trend. Kentucky, a state in the country is also a part of this havoc as has been proved by the Kentucky Divorce Statistics.

County-wise Kentucky Divorce Statistics of 2006

County Approximate Number of Divorces
Jefferson 3,124
Fayette 1,109
Hardin 778
Christian 619
Kenton 523
Daviess 462
Madison 448
Warren 357
Pulaski 353
McCracken 346
Pike 342
Boone 339
Bullitt 317
Campbell 310
Laurel 298
Hopkins 292
Allen 282
Franklin 259
Henderson 245
Floyd 240
Boyd 233
Oldham 229
Barren 224
Montgomery 209
Clark 199
Muhlenberg 197
Graves 186
Marshall 186
Nelson 182
Carter 177
Bell 174
Perry 171
Ohio 169
Calloway 160
Grayson 160
Garrard 159
Shelby 159
Jessamine 157
Johnson 154
Boyle 141
Grant 133
Rowan 131
Logan 128
Mercer 128
Taylor 127
Greenup 126
Letcher 126
Scott 117
Whitley 116
Russell 114
Wayne 111
Simpson 108
Caldwell 102
Clay 102
Henry 102
Wolfe 98
McCreary 96
Marion 94
Mason 92
Webster 92
Anderson 90
Powell 88
Knox 86
Harrison 85
Breckinridge 84
Woodford 84
Bath 82
Lawrence 82
Meade 79
Martin 78
Breathitt 76
Hart 76
Estill 75
Pendleton 75
Magoffin 71
Carroll 70
Bourbon 69
Spencer 69
Casey 68
Fleming 67
Lewis 66
Gallatin 65
Lincoln 65
Todd 63
Butler 60
Larue 60
Green 59
Union 59
Jackson 57
Trigg 57
Lyon 56
Edmonson 55
Menifee 55
Rockcastle 53
Morgan 52
Clinton 51
Metcalfe 51
Washington 51
Cumberland 50
Monroe 50
Elliott 46
Trimble 46
Adair 45
Ballard 45
Bracken 44
Livingston 43
Owen 43
Hancock 42
Leslie 42
McLean 42
Crittenden 40
Lee 38
Hickman 35
Fulton 30
Nicholas 24
Owsley 24
Carlisle 17
Robertson 12
Knott 5

Year Divorce Rate of Kentucky per 1,000 population
2007 4.7
2006 5.0
2005 4.6
2004 4.9
2003 5.0
2002 5.2
2001 5.1
2000 5.1
1999 5.5
1995 5.9
1990 5.8

Period Provisional number of divorces in Kentucky
January to October 2008 18,163
January to October 2007 16,707
January to October 2006 17,353

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