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These days, with a number of distractions, especially the easy availability of people of the opposite gender, more and more couples are seen to file for a divorce and individuals do not feel threatened for this obvious reason to call it quits from a relationship with one partner, for they know that sooner or later they can enter into a different relationship with another individual. Apart from this another reason which has made couples not able to live up to all the promises they made to each other at the time of exchanging their marriage vows is the lack of quality time to give for solving the issues at home, whether with the husband or the wife or even the children, and before late everything seems to be out of control and the only way that seems possible then is to approach the attorneys and the court and file for a divorce from one's spouse with whom carrying on the relationship seems impossible. In the modern times, there are a few nations as well as states in the United States of America wherein the granting of a divorce to the couple has become much easier, and because of this as well the partners do not shy away from letting the curtains drop on their marriage, without ever pondering to the consequences that might involve all the people connected with the union, especially the children, on whom the impact in most of the cases remains throughout their lives, and they grow up with a lot of mental defects, since they find it extremely hard to form any genuine relationship in their own lives as well having seen their parents not being able to manage it well between themselves. Apart from all these, another recently developed trend is the independent attitude in the women who believe and feel that they have the capacity to carry on and manage their lives on their own, without having to rely on any man to take care of their daily needs of life. These factors have led to the increase in the statistics of divorce all across the globe, and especially more in the developed nations. The United States of America is among the nations of the world where the rate is tremendously high as compared to other nations, and Mississippi in the Southern part of the country is no exception to this rule of the rising divorces, as has been aptly proved by the Mississippi Divorce Statistics.

Mississippi divorce statistics in the year 2007

Cause of Divorce Number of Divorces
Whites Non-Whites Unknown Total
Bigamy 2 3 2 7
Annulment 13 2 2 17
Penitentiary 32 23 7 62
Drunkenness 36 13 8 57
Adultery 136 68 41 245
Desertion 129 136 57 322
Cruel and inhuman treatment 216 160 82 458
Irreconcilable differences 7,796 2,556 1,533 11,885
Unknown 1 0 1 2
Miscellaneous 1 0 4 5

Number of minor children Number of Divorces
Whites Non-Whites Unknown Total
3 or more 517 194 121 832
2 1,526 461 290 2,277
1 1,954 680 365 2,999
0 4,365 1,626 961 6,952


  1. The figures for Non-Whites comprise of divorces of Mixed-Race couples
  2. The above figures are close to the actual data as some counties have not reported their statistics.

Other Mississippi Divorce Statistics

The state of Mississippi has recorded the following rates for the years as given below, if a number of 1,000 was considered and the provisional number of divorces for the following periods are also given below:

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 4.5
2006 4.8
2005 4.4
2004 4.5
2003 4.6
2002 4.9
2001 5.0
2000 5.0
1999 5.0
1995 4.8
1990 5.5

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2006 11,911
January to October 2007 11,118
January to October 2008 11,175

From the above two tables, it can be summed up that the rate of divorce in the state of Mississippi has declined a bit from the previous years. However, with better measures such as making people understand the importance and sanctity of the institution of marriage, there can be more reduction in the statistics.

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