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The growing statistics of divorce all across the world, especially in the modern times, point out the attitude as well as outlook of the people these days towards having the company of their spouses for life and the institution of marriage on the whole. It points out further the bitter truth that the modern people, when it comes to making promises or exchanging vows at the altar, view these things with a casual attitude and do not pay much heed even if things go wrong. These modern partners do not fail to call it quits and head for a break up or a divorce or a separation from each other even if there is a slight chance as well as hope for the issues to be sorted out between the two people. One common cause for this is the fact that our busy as well as modern lives leave us with no quality time to devote to solve issues at home, whether with our children or spouses. The end result of this modern menace is that before we realize and try to get a control of issues, they are no longer in a position to be resolved merely through a discussion, but reach a much bigger proportion. The only rational solution then left seems to be simply one, that is, to file for a separation and drop the curtains on the marriage, not bothering whether it might do any major harm to any other individual concerned, apart from the two partners, especially the children involved. The children who witness these divorce cases taking place between their parents are often left with such huge and permanent scars that they grow up with abnormal personalities at times, and find it difficult to get along well with any other individual all throughout their lives. In other cases, these children also head for a divorce or a separation from their partners later on in life, when they do not feel like compromising with them, since that seems to be the only option left for them, something which they had witnessed at a younger stage. Women do not step back in the modern times when it comes to wielding the same or perhaps a bit of greater amount of power play, whether at home or in the work front. With all their skills and knowledge, modern women have managed as well as succeeded in being able to handle all the things of life with as much of flair as men. Therefore, women of the modern times do not shy away from seeking the help of the court to solve all their marital disputes and go for a break up, or divorce if necessary, since they are fully aware of the fact that they are well in a state to look after themselves when needed, and do not require their husbands to fulfill their requirements of their daily life. These and other causes have led to the increase in the rate of divorces all across the world, and especially more in the developed nations, with the United States of America leading the race. Missouri, a state, located in the Midwestern United States of America is one such state where the rate of divorce in the recent years bears testimony to this fact.

Charts portraying Missouri Divorce Statistics

Missouri Divorce Statistics of 2003

A few of the characteristics of the state of Missouri as far as the statistics of divorce is concerned, is revealed in the following points:

  • 3.9 divorces were recorded for every 1,000 population
  • 55 percent of the mothers were awarded sole custody
  • 10 percent of the fathers were awarded sole custody
  • 51 percent of the total divorces in the state involved children
  • Couples belonging to the age group between 45 to 54 recorded the maximum number of divorces as compared to the other age groups. There were 3,793 divorces for women and 4,490 divorces for men in this age group
  • During the separation procedure, almost 6 percent of the divorcing husbands were awarded child support
  • Due to the divorce of their parents, 11,081 children were affected
  • In 23 percent of the cases, no child support was awarded
  • In 69 percent of the cases, mothers were awarded child support
  • In about 2 percent of the cases, grandparents or other relatives were offered the custody of the child
  • In this year, there were 22,166 divorces and
  • Joint legal custody was finalized in 35 percent of the cases

The state of Missouri of the United States of America, ranks sixteenth, if the percentage of divorced individuals among a number of 1,000 are calculated. The percentage of the state stands at 4.74. This can be improved with a little more effort on the part of the clergy as well as the church authorities by encouraging more and more citizens of the state to attend the services of the church.

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