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No individual would like to come together in a marriage for it to end later on a bad note. However, the complications of our modern lives have made it impossible for people to stay together for many years in the same house under the same roof, because of the many differences they have in their actions, thoughts and words. The havoc of a divorce or a separation puts an end to all the promises that the individual had made to their beloved, and shows one's inability to live up to the vows that they had made to their spouses at the altar at the time of being bound in the union of a marriage. However, the complications and temptations of our modern lives are such that we do not shy away from calling it quits at a single instance of something not working out well between the partners, and calling it quits and putting an end to the union. The lack of time on the part of the couples to look after the affairs at home is another reason why issues remain unsolved, and then they are taken to the court for their solution; the end result is a separation between the partners. Moreover, modern women do not like to depend on their better halves for financial help, and therefore they have started earning. This has given rise to the feeling of them being equally superior to men if not more, and the reason why they do not hold back from filing for divorce cases against their husbands. They are fully aware of the fact that even if they are forced to live separately from their husbands, they need not fear for financial security, because they are in a well do to state to take care of their daily needs of life. These tendencies in either one or both of the sexes have led to the rise in the cases of divorce all across the globe, and the United States of America seems to lead the race in this context. The instances of second marriages are also on the rise with the easily available options of people of the opposite gender. However, this is not possible for everyone since a few of them retain the scar for the rest of their lives, and find it extremely hard to get along well or share that same amount of comfort with another person. They seem to lose hope entirely in the word 'love' or humanity for that matter. The children of such broken homes also find it hard to grow up with normal traits, and they too at times go through similar cases of divorce as their parents. Therefore, it has been found out that in exact proportion to the rise in the modern lives of the people, the rise in the number of divorces has also been there. Even though a few of the states in the United States of America has seen a dip in the divorce cases, some of them have only seen an increase and Montana seem to be one such state as has been aptly revealed by the Montana Divorce Statistics.

Overall Montana Divorce Statistics

Year Montana Divorce Rate
2007 4.1
2006 4.4
2005 4.5
2004 3.8
2003 3.9
2002 4.0
2001 4.2
2000 4.2
1999 2.8
1995 4.8
1990 5.1

Period Provisional number of divorces in Montana
January to October 2008 2,727
January to October 2007 3,311
January to October 2006 3,722

There needs to be made greater efforts to see to it that the divorces see a decrease in number in the state of Montana at the earliest.

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