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When a family breaks-up formally or a divorce or a separation takes place between the partners in a marriage, it implies the breaking of all promises that each had made to the other or the partners fail to live up to the vows that one had made to their beloved at the altar during the union. Human beings get united through the institution of marriage to make the best of their lives in the company of the person they love the most, and with whom they expect and hope to share all their joys as well as sorrows together. People while being united in this institution of a marriage hope that they would have a hand to hold onto during their much needed times, when the whole of the world seems to have left one's company, as well as have a shoulder to lean onto in order to seek comfort during one's times of sorrow. They hope to live happily ever after with their beloved in the same house and under the same roof. However, a few of these people can hope to seek comfort in the company of another person when they enter into a second union of a marriage, but for some, this break up or a divorce signals the end of all companionship that one can expect to have with their beloved. For the latter kind o people, it almost seems like the end of the world for them, as because they seem to lose complete hope in the goodness of the institution of marriage, and start looking at people of the opposite gender with a lot of suspicion. In the most bitter circumstances, they decide to live single for the rest of their lives, and bear all types of pain for that, come what may. All these stem from the fact that we modern people these days do not have the required amount of time to devote for taking care of the household issues, and before long, everything seems to run out of control, and then the only option left in our hands is to opt for a divorce. Even the children who otherwise need a lot of time, especially during their growing years have to bear the brunt of being a witness to the constant fights and non-compromising attitude of their parents, and even later see their most loved persons calling it quits and parting ways, much to their disappointment. They only wish that they could do something to bring their parents together, and sometimes a few of these children blame themselves for the separation of their parents, or try their best to bring them closer to one another. Even in spite of their best efforts, most of the partners drop the curtains on their marriage, and then the children from such broken homes are seen to grow up with a lot of abnormalities, especially in getting along with people of the opposite gender. A second reason cited by some of the social thinkers for the growth in the number of divorces is the independent frame of mind that the modern woman is seen to embrace and which she is also encouraged to adopt. As a result of this attitude, women these days do not shy away from filing a divorce case against their husbands and walking away from the marriage, if things do not seem to be working for them. The women these days are fully aware of the fact that they are much in a state to look after all their needs of daily life as well as look after the need of their kids also. This growth of the statistics of divorces is more to be seen in the more developed nations of the world, and especially in the United States of America. Especially in a few of the states in the country the rate of divorce cases are extremely higher, and Nebraska, a state in the country has an extremely high rate as has been aptly revealed by the Nebraska Divorce Statistics.

Overall Nebraska Divorce Statistics

Year Nebraska Divorce Rate
2007 3.5
2006 3.4
2005 3.3
2004 3.4
2003 3.4
2002 3.6
2001 3.6
2000 3.7
1999 3.7
1995 3.8
1990 4.0

Period Provisional number of divorces in Nebraska
January to October 2008 5,046
January to October 2007 5,122
January to October 2006 5,132

County-wise Nebraska Divorce Statistics of 2007

The number of separations within a number of 1,000 in the counties are given below. The counties have been arranged in a descending order of the number of divorces

County Number of divorces
Douglas 1,713
Lancaster 1,009
Sarpy 568
Hall 222
Lincoln 154
Scotts Bluff 154
Dodge 141
Buffalo 136
Platte 113
Madison 110
Adams 101
Cass 94
Dawson 88
Saunders 63
York 60
Gage 54
Saline 51
Red Willow 50
Seward 50
Box Bute 49
Otoe 47
Cheyenne 45
Washington 45
Custer 42
Dakota 41
Phelps 37
Knox 36
Richardson 35
Merrick 29
colfax 28
Hamilton 28
Stanton 27
Holt 26
Dawes 25
Keith 25
Sheridan 25
Johnson 23
Butler 22
Nemaha 22
cuming 21
Howard 21
Jefferson 21
Franklin 18
Pierce 18
Antelope 17
Fumas 17
Thayer 17
Wayne 17
Boone 16
Clay 16
cherry 15
Fillmore 15
Hitchcock 15
Keamey 15
Burt 14
Dixon 14
Nuckolls 14
Frontier 13
Kimball 13
Nance 13
Thurston 13
Chase 12
Morrill 12
Polk 12
Cedar 11
Deuel 10
Valley 10
Brown 9
Pawnee 9
Harlan 8
Sherman 8
Garfield 7
Perkins 7
Dundy 6
Webster 6
Gosper 5
Boyd 4
Rock 4
Sioux 4
Thomas 4
Arthur 3
Garden 3
Loup 3
McPherson 2
Wheeler 2
Greeley 1
Hayes 1
Hooker 1
Banner 0
Blaine 0
Grant 0
Keya Paha 0
Logan 0

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