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Nevada Divorce Statistics in terms of Divorce rate

Year Nevada Divorce Rate
2007 6.5
2006 6.8
2005 7.5
2004 6.4
2003 7.3
2002 7.1
2001 6.3
2000 9.9
1999 7.8
1995 7.8
1990 11.4
Period Provisional number of divorces in Nevada
January to October 2008 14,212
January to October 2007 13,819
January to October 2006 14,276

Nevada Divorce Statistics as per 2000 U.S. Census Bureau figures

Las Vegas, in Nevada, has gained reputation as the "Marriage Capital of the World." However, just a few miles away, one can reach Blue Diamond, which is a tiny hamlet and is distinguished as the "Divorce Capital of Nevada." Blue Diamond has the highest divorce rate in Nevada, which is 35 percent as per the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau statistics. This place can be recognized by the presence of horses and wild burros which graze on lawn grass and roam across the streets. The pastor of Blue Diamond Foursquare Church, Bill Dahlquist, reasons that this place is a good hideaway and hence several divorced people can be found here. He reveals that most people in this place do not attend church.

There is a region named as the Reno area in Nevada that has a divorce rate of 15 percent. And Las Vegas boasts of a divorce rate of 14 percent.

In West-Central Nevada exists the Mineral County where one can find the highest percentage of divorced people. Out of 10 residents, almost 2 are divorced. During the decade from 1990 to 2000, the divorce rate in this county plummeted from 19 percent to 12.4 percent. Jeff Hardcastle, the state demographer, is of the opinion that due to the mining bust, this county has a declining economy. The financial pressure on the families eventually leads to a breakup.

The lowest percentage of divorced people is observed in Lincoln County, which is situated towards the North of Las Vegas. Here, 9 percent of the people are divorced.

Overall, 25 percent of the citizens of Nevada are in "never married" category. The highest percentage of this category is found in the Washoe and Clark counties, which is 26 percent. The lowest percentage of this category is found in the Pershing County, which is 15 percent.

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