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The statistics of divorce on the whole have witnessed a steep rise in numbers all across the globe, with the trend being prevalent more in the developed countries of the world than the developing countries, and many factors have been blamed for this havoc of a separation. The first factor that has been blamed for a rise in the statistics of divorces more than any other is the lack of quality time on the part of the husband as well as the wife to devote to one another and their families involving mainly their children, who have to bear the brunt at an early age of witnessing a divorce between the two most loved persons of their lives and undergo a lot of trouble coping up with many events later on in their life. The second most obvious reason for the frequent divorce cases between the modern day couples or a separation of the modern families can be attributed if not wholly, at least partly, to the independent frame of mind that women have been encouraged to adopt in the recent times, with women believing that they can easily rebuild their lives, even if they choose to get divorced from their male partners. However, if the recent surveys and the subsequent statistics on the ill effects of a break up, or a divorce on the womenfolk is anything to believe, then it has been revealed that a majority of the women suffer from a lot of financial constraints once they get divorced from their spouses. And since it is mostly the women who is granted the custodial rights of the child or the children in a divorce ruling, they too have a major down shift in their style of living all of a sudden. The United State of America, being one of the most developed nations of the world, has witnessed some of the greatest rate of divorces occurring throughout the states. Ohio, being in this nation is no exception as the Ohio Divorce Statistics clearly bear a testimony to this fact.

The statistics of divorce throughout the state of Ohio, right from the region of Ashtabula to Zanesville point out the one common thing that can be noticed among the couples, that is, a minimum of one marriage among three which has taken place for the first time will end up in a divorce or a separation within a duration of ten years, and one among five marriages will end up within a time span of five years. And those who remarry, 7.3 and 6.8 is the time span for men and women respectively to end their second marriage union. That is to say, as much as one third of the married couples in the state of Ohio will at some point of time or the other would end their marriage in the form of an annulment, a dissolution or a divorce, and put an end to all the legal rights. It is not necessary in the state of Ohio to end a marriage only through a separation, but it can also be done if it is annulled, dissolved or in case if one of the partner or spouse has passed away. If a spouse has been absent from his/her residence for a time span of seven years without any explanation, then it is assumed that he or she dead.

The Ohio Divorce Statistics is maintained and recorded by the Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics from the January 1, 1954 to the present day.

County-wise Ohio Divorce Statistics of 1998

All counties in the state are arranged in descending order of the number of divorces.

County Number of divorces
Cuyahoga 4,999
Franklin 4,569
Hamilton 2,975
Summit 2,302
Lucas 1,959
Montgomery 1,766
Stark 1,471
Butler 1,329
Trumbull 1,151
Lorain 1,060
Mahoning 918
clermont 806
Lake 778
Clark 751
Portage 674
Warren 653
Licking 649
Richland 648
Medina 563
Greene 549
Fairfield 524
Tuscarawas 505
Allen 469
Ashtabula 466
Miami 459
columbiana 439
Marion 427
Delaware 421
Ross 403
Muskingum 399
Hancock 357
Scioto 350
Belmont 347
Lawrence 330
Erie 310
Huron 306
Geauga 303
Sandusky 282
Jefferson 277
Darke 268
Athens 265
Pickaway 263
Crawford 255
Logan 253
Shelby 249
Seneca 245
Clinton 244
Highland 235
Preble 219
Guernsey 204
Champaign 201
Defiance 198
Hardin 195
Coshocton 189
Fulton 188
Ashland 186
Fayette 181
Union 181
Gallia 179
Madison 177
Auglaize 174
Perry 173
Ottawa 165
Hocking 163
Mercer 159
Jackson 156
Adams 153
Pike 153
Morrow 137
Meigs 129
Carroll 124
Van Wert 111
Henry 108
Knox 108
Putnam 94
Vinton 94
Paulding 91
Holmes 89
Harrison 78
Morgan 58
Brown 57
Monroe 51
Noble 43
Overall Ohio Divorce Statistics

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 3.4
2006 3.5
2005 3.5
2004 3.6
2003 3.7
2002 4.0
2001 4.0
2000 4.2
1999 3.9
1995 4.3
1990 4.7

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2008 32,640
January to October 2007 33,098
January to October 2006 33,928

The above two tables show that there is no fixed pattern that has been observed as regards the rate of divorce in the various counties of the state of Ohio, with the rate being extremely low in the case of a few counties and extremely high in the case of a few others. However, the only thing that needs to be borne in mind is that it is the church or the religious fraternity who can take measures to put an end to the higher rate of divorces in those countries that have seen a higher percentage of divorces taking place in past years.

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