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The rate of divorces taking place all across the globe has seen a steep rise in the numbers and this trend seems to be more common in the industrially developed countries of the world than the others. This disturbing phenomenon of a divorce case has been cited by many as having its roots in a few of the modern factors of human lives. The first of this as revealed by the statistics is the fact that we human beings these days fail to devote quality time to our better halves and our families with the result that we distance ourselves from them, and before we get to know things get out of control and the only option viable then is a break up, or a divorce or a separation. The ill effects of this havoc of divorce is borne more by the child or the children than the two spouses involved, which renders a few of them incapable to make better adjustments later on in life. And as the statistics reveal it is precisely these children from the broken homes, who later on go on to get into troubled relationships themselves, which again results in a divorce. With our modern set of lives, where women are seen to walk hand in hand with men, they have been encouraged to adopt an independent frame of mind which has been misinterpreted by many a woman as something else. That is to say, most of the women believe that to be called independent is to be able to live in a manner wherein she does not need the help of a man for any of her task and this has led many to go for a divorce or a separation, thus leading to a greater rate of the same. The United States of America shows a greater statistics as regards to divorces than most other developed countries of the world. The state of Oklahoma in the United States of America is no exception to this havoc, as the Oklahoma Divorce Statistics clearly point out how the trend is only rising.

Overall Oklahoma Divorce Statistics

All counties in the state are arranged in descending order of the number of divorce decrees issued.

County Number of divorce decrees issued
Oklahoma 3,828
Tulsa 3,143
Cleveland 1,251
Comanche 884
Canadian 584
Rogers 414
Garfield 353
Pottawatomie 343
Muskogee 335
Le Flore 332
creek 319
Grady 295
Kay 275
Pittsburg 273
Sequoyah 263
Payne 262
Stephens 262
Wagoner 260
Washington 226
Bryan 221
Carter 208
Delaware 208
McCurtain 195
Mayes 193
Okmulgee 186
Ottawa 169
Cherokee 160
Logan 160
McClain 157
Beckham 152
Lincoln 146
Osage 144
Adair 142
Woodward 137
Jackson 135
Pontotoc 135
Garvin 130
Custer 116
Seminole 105
Caddo 100
Craig 100
choctaw 89
Marshall 86
Haskell 83
Latimer 80
Hughes 73
Pushmataha 73
Texas 73
Atoka 62
Pawnee 62
Murray 60
Johnston 59
Kiowa 54
Kingfisher 50
Noble 49
Nowata 44
Jefferson 40
Love 40
Washita 39
Okfuskee 38
Cotton 35
Tillman 35
Woods 35
Blaine 33
coal 27
Ellis 27
Major 27
Greer 25
Alfalfa 21
Dewey 21
Roger Mills 20
Beaver 19
Harper 19
McIntosh 18
Harmon 13
Grant 11
Cimarron 10
County-wise Oklahoma Divorce Statistics of 2007

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 5.2
2006 5.3
2005 5.6
2004 4.9
2003 no data
2002 no data
2001 no data
2000 no data
1999 no data
1995 6.6
1990 7.7

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2008 15,493
January to October 2007 16,145
January to October 2006 15,888

The Oklahoma Divorce Statistics as revealed by the table above has seen a fall in the last couple of years, which is a matter of joy, however, we need to still see a further steep in the divorce statistics by adopting different measures.

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