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Though a divorce is a formal end of a marriage, there are nonetheless many other marriages wherein the couples are not very happy and they are simply wanting to end the union. However, we will in this context discuss only about the ill effects of a formal break up or a divorce between the partners. There is no individual who wants to get united and then end that union on a bad note. However, at times there are many situations which make the two partners in a wedded union simply impossible to live together in the same house. This mostly arises as a result of not compromising on many issues between the couple, and with women too becoming financially independent and going out and earning, these issues are only on the rise. Women in the modern times do not want to be behind men in any respect, or fall short of anything, and hence, they find it extremely hard to lose out with men, with the result that it leads to many an unpleasant situation at home, and the children suffer. Especially in the modern times, women have been encouraged to adopt an independent attitude whether at home or in the workplace and with the development of this, they do not acknowledge and feel the need of a man in their lives to take care of their needs, and know that they can manage even without their presence. Moreover, with both the man and the woman working, there is hardly any time left on their hands to devote quality time for solving the issues at home, and it is the children who are the victims of all these. With most of the courts in the places of the world adopting a leniency in the granting of divorces, the couples do not shy away from filing for the same, if the slightest things do not seem to work well. This trend is more prevalent in the more developed nations of the world, and The United State of America is seen to lead in this race. Oregon, a state in the Pacific Northwest of the nation is also in this list as revealed by the Oregon Divorce Statistics. In this Pacific Northwest state, the rate of divorces is collected by The Center for Health Statistics. However, this particular organization has not succeeded in collecting information about the statistics of those residents of the state who might have gone to some other place in order to get divorced.

Oregon Divorce Statistics from 1990 to 2007

The statistics of divorce within a number of 1,000 for the following years have been presented in the following table:

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 3.9
2006 4.0
2005 4.1
2004 4.1
2003 4.3
2002 4.6
2001 4.8
2000 4.8
1999 4.6
1995 4.7
1990 5.5
Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2008 12,562
January to October 2007 12,220
January to October 2006 12,289

Month-wise statistics

The months of 2007 have been arranged in descending order of the total divorces.

Month Total divorces
June 1,364
December 1,347
May 1,338
August 1,329
March 1,314
October 1,299
July 1,275
April 1,264
January 1,113
February 1,112
November 1,111
September 1,055
County-wise statistics

The counties of the state have been arranged in a descending order of the total divorces.

County Total divorces
Multnomah 2,513
Washington 1,996
Lane 1,460
Clackamas 1,334
Marion 1,306
Jackson 917
Deschutes 770
Douglas 571
Linn 532
Josephine 362
Yamhill 358
Umatilla 354
columbia 241
Benton 237
Klamath 230
Coos 219
Polk 204
Lincoln 194
Clatsop 159
Crook 113
Wasco 106
Malheur 91
Tillamook 86
Baker 85
Union 82
Hood River 81
Jefferson 75
Curry 73
Grant 37
Morrow 35
Wallowa 28
Hamey 27
Lake 25
Gilliam 8
Sherman 6
Wheeler 6

The above table of the rate of divorces for the year 2007 in the different counties show that while the number was extremely high in a few of them, in others there was hardly any number of divorce cases reported.

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