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No two people unite to later end that union on a bad and pitiable state. However, not every time can we expect things to work out in our favor and sometimes they become so very worse that the only option that remains before us at that point of time is to go for a formal break up or a divorce. However, a divorce only brings pain and suffering to all the people involved, and more than the couple going for a divorce, it is the children who go through this painful state with a lot of trauma, something which they retain at times for the rest of their lives and live with the scar. At times, some of these traumatized children find it extremely hard to grow up normally, and find it extremely difficult to develop any healthy relationships with other people. However, not being bothered by all these concerns, the couples of today opt for a divorce at the drop of a hat for at the end of the day, it all boils down to who is willing to compromise and step back. The women of today, with all their financial independence, do not feel the need to care much about the man in their lives, because they know that even without their assistance they can manage their lives well, since they do not need to depend on the man for taking care of their daily needs. The next culprit for the growing number of divorces is seen as the lack of quality time on the part of the partners to devote for taking care of the issues at the home front, which mostly involves the issues connected with children, and before long it is seen that nothing remains in one's hands and then as expected the best solution is to call it quits and drop the curtains on one's marriage. With more and more countries adopting lenient measures for granting a divorce, the fighting partners do not step back from filing for one, when they feel they cannot carry on with their lives anymore with the other person. However, this trend is seen to be more prevalent in the developed nations of the world than the other nations, and the United States of America seems to lead the race in this. Pennsylvania, a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern region of the United States, is also similar to the other states of the nation with higher number of divorce cases as seen from the Pennsylvania Divorce Statistics.

lower divorce rate in Pennsylvania

County-wise Pennsylvania Divorce Statistics of 1995

All the counties in the state of Pennsylvania have been arranged in a descending order of the rate of divorces.

County Divorce Rate
wyoming 4.3
Greene 4.2
Lebanon 4.0
Susquehanna 4.0
Huntingdon 3.9
Potter 3.9
Tioga 3.9
Venango 3.9
Adams 3.8
Lycoming 3.8
Franklin 3.7
Bradford 3.6
Clearfield 3.6
McKean 3.6
Armstrong 3.5
Butler 3.5
Elk 3.5
Fayette 3.5
Mifflin 3.5
Warren 3.5
Wayne 3.5
York 3.5
Columbia 3.4
Erie 3.4
Fulton 3.4
Lawrence 3.4
Bedford 3.3
Berks 3.3
Blair 3.3
cumberland 3.3
Jefferson 3.3
Mercer 3.3
Northampton 3.3
Northumberland 3.3
crawford 3.2
Lancaster 3.2
Perry 3.2
Carbon 3.1
Lehigh 3.1
Beaver 3.0
Chester 3.0
Westmoreland 3.0
Dauphin 2.9
Allegheny 2.8
Lackawanna 2.8
Pike 2.8
Schuylkill 2.8
Snyder 2.8
Washington 2.8
Bucks 2.7
Centre 2.7
Juniata 2.7
Somerset 2.7
Cambria 2.6
Clarion 2.6
Forest 2.6
Montgomery 2.6
Montour 2.6
Sullivan 2.6
Luzerne 2.5
Union 2.5
Monroe 2.4
Clinton 2.2
Indiana 2.2
Philadelphia 2.1
Delaware 1.5
Overall Pennsylvania Divorce Statistics

The percentage of divorces in the state of Pennsylvania for the
following years in a number of 1,000 have been given below in the form of a table

Year Divorce Rate per 1,000 population
2007 2.9
2006 2.8
2005 2.3
2004 3.0
2003 3.1
2002 3.1
2001 3.1
2000 3.1
1999 3.1
1995 3.2
1990 3.3

Period Provisional number of divorces
January to October 2008 22,308
January to October 2007 29,449
January to October 2006 29,363

From this table, it can be seen that even though the percentage of divorces had declined in the previous years, it has again started to rise in the last couple of years which is a matter of concern and worry. Utmost care has to be taken to make sure that this is further reduced as soon as possible.

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